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A small hydraulic quick hitch has a difficult history of development

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A small hydraulic quick hitch has a difficult history of development
A small hydraulic quick hitch has a difficult history of development

There are more and more multi-functional application scenarios for excavators, and the corresponding attachment requirements are also increasing. How to efficiently, simply, safely and reliably realize the rapid replacement of excavator attachments depends on the key: quick-change connectors, referred to as quick-change, hydraulic quick hitch, etc.
From the product structure and functional characteristics, quick-change connectors can be divided into two categories, one is single degree of freedom, only has the function of quick-change connection, which is ordinary quick-change; the other type not only has quick-connect function, but also increases The freedom of attachment is called universal quick change.


hydraulic quick hitch


There are many brands of quick-change fittings, but they are also a mixed bag, and there are many people who want to fill the number. A small quick change may seem simple, but in fact it is built-in. For medium and large high-end quick change products, it still relies on imports.

Today I will talk with you about the quick-change connectors in the market. Focus on discussion, analysis, and recommendation of single-degree-of-freedom quick couplings, especially medium and large quick couplings. As for the universal quick change, we will discuss it later. It is understood that among the quick-change manufacturers in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, no more than five companies can produce shaft diameters above 80 mm.



Miller is the oldest brand in the UK. More than 30 years ago, a New Zealand designer brought the original quick-change design manuscript to the British Miller and was purchased by KEITH Miller at a very low price.
Miller himself described it this way: When we combine new ideas from New Zealand with our innovative engineering and manufacturing expertise, the result is our Pin Pick-Up quick connector-Mag 7. Why is it called Mag 7? Because it reduces the conversion time of the bucket and other attachments to a magnificent 7 seconds.

British Miller later became the boss of the quick change industry, especially after embracing Caterpillar's thigh. It never occurred to me that Caterpillar had plagiarized the design. In the end, Miller won the lawsuit and received $74 million in damages.

Caterpillar was once Miller's largest customer. After the two parties terminated the cooperation and parted ways, Miller's vitality was severely damaged and product design stagnated. The reputation in Europe and the United States is now declining. Miller was also the first accessory brand to enter China, but it didn't take long for it to leave the Chinese market.


hydraulic quick hitch


The British STRICKLAND, which has just been established, is still in the process of product modification and trial and error. Although the conceived design concept is relatively advanced, it is still unstable and low-cost materials. In the European and American markets, only a small part of the mini excavator can be obtained. market.

DROMONE, as Volvo's queen quick-change coupling, has no doubt about its product safety, but there are too many internal parts and it is the only quick-change coupling that uses double cylinders, which is not easy to maintain.

The founder of HILL was originally the owner of an excavator leasing company. When HILL was founded in 1994, he independently developed a set of simple and practical active locking alarm system based on various problems in the quick change of various brands. As the global standard quick change for Hitachi excavators, its safety has also been endorsed. HILL currently has the largest market share in the UK mainland market.

British WHITES is widely used on mini excavators, but there is no quick change product suitable for medium and large excavators.

Ireland’s ORIEL is a copy of Doosan’s GEITH. The company has not been established for a long time and is very small.

The German quick-change front-lock and rear-pin quick-change connectors are favored by very few customer groups, but they have not been widely promoted. Although there are many brands of hydraulic attachments in Italy, there are no large companies focusing on quick-change couplings.

There are many quick change brands in the United States, but they are basically small companies. The only accessory giant Paladin Group is still looking for an OEM made by British Miller.


hydraulic quick hitch


Although New Zealand is the birthplace of the concept of quick couplings, Wedgelock, Calibre, Attach2 and Doherty are currently only small regional brands in Oceania with low output and have not yet been recognized by the global market.

In fact, the simpler the design of the hydraulic quick hitch, the better, the fewer parts, the lower the total weight, the better, which is easy to maintain and durable. This is basic common sense. So when we buy, we have to study all aspects of the hydraulic quick hitch before starting to buy.

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