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Can the dipper arm on a digger help high-speed rail construction?

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Can the dipper arm on a digger help high-speed rail construction?
Can the dipper arm on a digger help high-speed rail construction?

With the continuous development of technology, transportation facilities are constantly updated. In railway transportation, high-speed rail has become the fastest mode of transportation in modern times. The two most acclaimed countries in the world for high-speed rail technology are China and Japan. In recent years, China has gradually surpassed Japan in high-speed rail construction technology, and has been favored by various countries. Many foreign high-speed rail lines have been constructed by China. It has already landed and opened to traffic, and the dipper arm on a digger is indispensable in these projects.


Can the dipper arm on a digger help high-speed rail construction?


High-speed rail lines built by China abroad:

1. China-Pakistan Railway: The No. 1 railway line runs from Karachi to the north via Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar, with a total length of 1,726 kilometers.

2. Ian High-speed Railway: The high-speed railway from Ankara, Turkey to Istanbul, with a total length of more than 500 kilometers.

3. Saudi Arabia Mai Mai high-speed railway: the starting point is in Mecca, the holy place of Islamic pilgrimage, and the ending point is another Islamic holy place of Medina-Hungary-Serbia Railway with a total length of 450.25 kilometers.

4. Hungary-Serbia Railway: The first Chinese railway project to enter Europe, connecting Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, with a total length of 350 kilometers.

5. Moscow-Kazan high-speed rail: The "Moscow-Kazan" high-speed rail is about 770 kilometers long, and the train will run at a speed of 400 kilometers per hour.

6. Pan-Asian high-speed railway: a sectioned railway with a total length of nearly 15,000 kilometers, which will be opened to traffic in 2020.

7. Indonesian high-speed rail: a total length of about 150 kilometers, connecting the Indonesian capital Jakarta and the fourth largest city Bandung

8. Africa high-speed rail: Akha project, opened to traffic in 2016.

9. Two-ocean railway: a railway construction project with a total length of 5,000 kilometers across South America and connecting the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.


Can the dipper arm on a digger help high-speed rail construction?


These high-speed rails built by China have brought many countries into the era of high-speed rail, laying a high-speed rail network for them, especially the high-speed rails built in recent years are inseparable from the help of dipper arm on a digger. If only labor is used, these ultra-long-distance high-speed rail lines do not necessarily take long. It is precisely because of the addition of the dipper arm on a digger that these projects were completed within the scheduled time and opened to traffic smoothly. From the digging of road ditches to the construction of railways, the extension arm of the excavator can be completed very well, so the contribution of the dipper arm on a digger cannot be ignored.


Can the dipper arm on a digger help high-speed rail construction?


In allowing the world to enter the era of rapid development and high-speed rail, the dipper arm on a digger has made an irreplaceable contribution.

I believe that in more high-speed rail construction in the future, the dipper arm on a digger will continue to make great contributions to the world.

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