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Comparison of different types of quick hitch coupler

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Comparison of different types of quick hitch coupler
Comparison of different types of quick hitch coupler

Everyone should be familiar with quick hitch coupler, but many people may not know that quick hitch coupler also have classifications. Different classifications are different in all aspects. Today, I will introduce the differences between them.

There are three types of quick hitch coupler, and the functions of each type are different, so the scope of their application is also different. Here is a brief introduction to these three methods.


Comparison of different types of quick hitch coupler


Product classification: According to different working principles, quick hitch coupler can be divided into hydraulic drive type, mechanical type, and butter drive type.


1. Hydraulic drive type: The quick hitch coupler is installed with two sets of oil circuits to the quick-change joint through the oil pump sub-control valve of the excavator itself, and the demand for replacing the working parts of the excavator is achieved through the hydraulic drive cylinder.

Advantages: great strength, high stability, and the simplest operation, just control the oil circuit electromagnetic switch;

Disadvantages: Adding a routing system and hydraulic cylinders requires relatively high cost, and hydraulic pipelines need to be modified.


2. Mechanical: Adjust the distance of the movable block by rotating the mechanical screw, so as to realize the ability to disassemble and install the working parts of the excavator.

Advantages: simple structure, low cost, no need to modify the pipeline, can be used by putting on the shaft;

Disadvantages: Due to the long-term high-strength reciprocating movement of the excavator working parts, it is easy to cause the mechanical screw to be loose and thread damaged. Because the working environment of the excavator is relatively harsh, it is more laborious to rotate the thread during disassembly and installation.


3. Butter-driven type: The purpose of tensioning the movable block is achieved by injecting butter into the quick-change joint cylinder.

Advantages: good stability, lower cost than hydraulic type, eliminating oil system, and avoiding human error operation.

Disadvantages: The excess butter needs to be discharged when disassembling, which will cause environmental pollution and butter waste, which is more cumbersome than hydraulic replacement.


Comparison of different types of quick hitch coupler


The three different quick hitch coupler are different in so many ways, so when we buy, we must first consider the products we need before deciding which one to buy, so as to save your expenses.

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