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Do you really know digger concrete pulveriser

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Do you really know digger concrete pulveriser
Do you really know digger concrete pulveriser

In addition to the common breaking hammers in many demolition construction sites, there are also various digger concrete pulveriser and hydraulic shears.

The digger concrete pulveriser equipped with the excavator uses hydraulic power to work, not only the working position is accurate, but also does not need to swing back and forth. Compared with the wrecking ball, it greatly improves the demolition efficiency of high-rise buildings.


digger concrete pulveriser 


Although the breaking hammer uses hydraulic power, it is not widely used to destroy brittle materials such as concrete and blocks by impact, and it only destroys the structure and collapses the building. When further processing construction waste, it destroys the efficiency of concrete Not high. At the same time, it can do nothing about non-brittle materials such as steel bars, steel beams, and various pipes. Hydraulic crushing tongs are a bit different. They are completely destroyed by pressure or shearing force. They are accurate, efficient, and convenient for material recovery.


Various digger concrete pulveriser mainly deal with concrete. Concrete is characterized by high compressive strength, but low tensile strength and shear strength. When locally subjected to large compressive stress, it is easy to generate tensile stress at the edge and cause damage. Therefore, reinforced concrete structures are commonly used in buildings, and steel bars are used to withstand tensile stress. When demolishing, it is necessary to do the opposite, crush the concrete in the direction perpendicular to the steel bar, so that the steel bar cannot function, and break the concrete to separate the concrete from the steel bar. This is not only useful when the building collapses, but also when the construction waste is further processed. It can efficiently separate the steel and concrete of various components and facilitate recycling.


digger concrete pulveriser


All digger concrete pulveriser are equipped with a powerful oil cylinder that uses different pressures to handle different working conditions, and all models are equipped with steel cutting blades. Secondary demolition refers to the crushing of concrete after the first demolition to facilitate loading and transportation for recycling and reuse. The effective method of secondary demolition is to separate the steel bars. Extremely sturdy tooth system, high-quality alloy steel, high-performance oil cylinder, constitute the HC series crushing forceps.

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