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Excavator long front arm selection and precautions

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Excavator long front arm selection and precautions
Excavator long front arm selection and precautions

As the name implies, the excavator long front arm is not enough and needs to be lengthened when the excavator is dealing with certain working conditions. Similar to our mobile phone selfie, since the arm is not long enough, we need to lengthen the selfie stick so that we can shoot. Mingde Machinery Excavator Extension Arm: Through advanced computer-aided design system, various processing equipment, skilled staff skills and practical application knowledge and experience, the excavator is guaranteed in terms of stress analysis, material selection, technology and craftsmanship, design and production, etc. Lengthen the structural strength, performance and quality of the large and small arms. An internal buffer plate is installed in the excavator long front arm to bear the tension load, which prolongs the service life of the extension arm of the excavator and the extension arm of the excavator.


Excavator long front arm selection and precautions


1. Excavator long front arm classification

Excavator long front arm include two-section excavator extension arms and three-section excavator extension arms. Two-section excavator extension arms are mainly suitable for earthwork foundation and deep trench excavation operations, and river dredging; three-section excavator extension arms Mainly suitable for the demolition of high-rise buildings and other projects. According to the principle of lever and mechanics, the force of the extended-boom excavator is reduced compared with the original one, and the construction should not be carried out in heavy operations. The original equipment parameters of the excavator are well set. If they are rashly lengthened and heavier, the counterweight must be increased, otherwise the equipment will be damaged due to uneven force.


Excavator long front arm selection and precautions


2. Pay special attention to the following points when using the ultra-long arm operating device for operation:

1) Without permission, it is strictly forbidden to modify the working device and other structures and mechanisms of the excavator without permission. This may cause damage to the working devices and other structures and mechanisms and various problems.

2) Horizontal operation is strictly prohibited for scraping soil and dragging other materials.

3) It is strictly prohibited to use for lifting or dragging heavy objects (including the use of the support rod fixing holes in the transportation state for lifting).

4) When the user accidentally plunges the track of the whole machine into a muddy ground or pit, it is strictly forbidden to use working devices (bucket, stick, boom, etc.) as a support for self-rescue, which will cause damage to the structural parts. Only use a trailer to drag the whole machine or use a crane to lift the whole machine away from the scene


excavator long front arm


3. How to choose the manufacturer of the excavator long front arm

Because the price of the original excavator long front arm is too high for many owners to bear, the excavator extension arm produced by the subsidiary factory has become the first choice of most excavator owners. At present, domestic manufacturers of excavator extension arms are mixed, and some small factories There are no engineers, just a few welders, and the materials used are cheap and substandard steel. The quality of the after-sales can be imagined. Therefore, it is recommended that excavator owners must be cautious when choosing an excavator extension arm manufacturer. If you are greedy for temporary cheapness and cause unnecessary losses to you, it is recommended to visit the factory in person when choosing.

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