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Excavator long reach front manufacturers teach you how to level with excavator

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Excavator long reach front manufacturers teach you how to level with excavator
Excavator long reach front manufacturers teach you how to level with excavator

Excavator leveling should be a working condition that construction machinery practitioners often face, but this is also a problem that many practitioners worry about. How to level the excavator? Shouldn't leveling be more professional with pavers, graders and bulldozers? Having said that, not everyone has such a complete range of machinery types. Apart from the fact that funds are particularly sufficient, there is often only one type of construction machinery that is insufficiently funded, which is an excavator, so they often need to use an excavator to solve the problem. To level this situation. Then let the excavator long reach front manufacturers tell you what to do when leveling the excavator?


excavator long reach front manufacturers


Although the paver, grader and bulldozer all have their own leveling instruments, that is, the GPS monitoring system, which can detect and monitor the position and related status of the vehicle, and has the function of automatic leveling. It is not only easier to grasp the accuracy when leveling, but also the efficiency will be greatly improved, which can save manpower and financial resources. But when we don't own these machines, we have to find a way to solve this problem with excavators. Excavator long reach front manufacturers believe that the leveling of the excavator should be done this way.


excavator long reach front manufacturers


The first is to flatten the bottom of the groove and compact it, but it cannot be blindly compacted. It needs to be pressed next to each other, and it needs to be pressed twice. The two pressures cannot be the same place. The second time it needs to be pressed on three points of the original chain. One place. The second is that when unloading sand and gravel, you need to pave the gravel first to prevent the car from getting stuck, and you need to use the car to compact the gravel first. The third is to find a reference point, how to find it? You need to pile up the mound by yourself first, and then level it out. These are the methods provided by the excavator long reach front manufacturers. If you have a better method, you can continue to add it.

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