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For road construction, the sheet pile driving long boom is professional

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We tried our first order in 2018, which was two years after I exchange my business card with Alice in 2016 Bauma conexpo India. Our supplier didn't finish our order on time, and it will cause around 100,000 USD lose to us. That's when we tried Huitong the first time. Huitong is good at dealing with rush orders, and the quality is very good.

—— Mr.Varun, Dealer, India

I work with Huitong the first time when I started my importing business. I've got tons of market insights from Jeremy. He is such a good friend being very tolerant to my bad temper. In 2017, Jeremy helped me handle a problem of bill of lading, which is caused by me. Huitong always emphasize that we should deal with the problem as soon as it occurs.

—— Mr.Stanislav Lilov, Bulgaria

We started cooperated with Huitong from 2017, they are honest, professional, always help us slove problems at the first step, we buy excavator attachments from Huitong in one stop, we share market insights like a good friend. Love Their Work.

—— Sony

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For road construction, the sheet pile driving long boom is professional
For road construction, the sheet pile driving long boom is professional

Regarding road construction, China has a better say. It not only builds roads on flat roads, but also builds roads on curved mountain roads, and even builds roads on the sea. Today, when roads are built in Taiwan, China is also serious. For road construction, the difficulty of building roads at sea is too high, and the cost is also very high. China’s Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macao Bridge is a very successful example, so this time the railway is repaired to Taiwan. I believe that China will also do it. Quite sure, let’s watch the performance of the sheet pile driving long boom.


sheet pile driving long boom


The Pingtan Strait Road-Rail Bridge is a key project of the Fuping Railway, and it is also a dual-use road-rail bridge in China. There are two major difficulties in this construction. One is the wind that rages in the sky all the year round, and the other is the hardship accumulated over the years. , But did it really stump the sheet pile driving long boom? Obviously not. Now that we face such difficulties, we must be more serious, because the remaining hard rock makes the foundation of the bridge nowhere to be laid, and the geological conditions are also very complicated. We use large-scale equipment in machinery. , Come to listen to the suggestions of the sheet pile driving long boom manufacturers.


sheet pile driving long boom


Since ordinary mechanical drills do not penetrate hard rocks, we use a large pile driver to drive piles. First, we must stabilize the foundation of the bridge, ensure the environmental standards of the bridge construction team, and ensure orderly operations under complex ocean climate conditions, so the foundation of the foundation is very It is important to consider conditions such as strong winds, strong waves, rapids, etc., and to prevent earthquakes. The stability of the foundation plays a protective role and protects the safe driving on the bridge. For road construction and bridge paving, the sheet pile driving long boom is professional.

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