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How should digger save fuel

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How should digger save fuel
How should digger save fuel

Huitong believes that every excavator or owner of an digger knows that apart from regular maintenance of the machine, the daily work cost accounts for the bulk of the oil. Every time you refuel the machine, do you feel bad about your wallet? It was hollowed out again. Since refueling is unavoidable, can we work hard on fuel saving? Today I will introduce some fuel saving techniques for excavator operation.




Before reading the following content, please imagine yourself as an digger. The energy-saving excavator is equivalent to working and labor-saving by yourself, so that you can understand the truth more personally.


1. When loading the excavator, if possible, try to be in a higher position, and try to make the truck park at almost the same height as the working surface; the reason is very simple, a stone, you lift it to your knees as hard as you lift it to the top of your head ? How much "strength" can be saved? If the height remains the same as before, the work efficiency can be increased by 40%.


2. When the bucket cylinder and the connecting rod, the head rod cylinder and the head rod are all at 90°, each cylinder has the greatest force to push the digger.


3. For excavation on natural ground, the floor angle of the bucket or ripper should be kept at about 30°, and the bucket rod should be retracted. When the stick is close to vertical, the stick has the greatest force and can carry more load.

These two points are like bending your arms to lift things with ease, or straightening your arms, of course, bending them.




4. When digging at the beginning, do not extend the stick to the maximum range, starting from about 80% is the best. (When the stick has the maximum range of action, the digging force of the stick is the smallest, and digging is difficult). Generally novices pay more attention to this.


5. Bucket stick digging range: the angle of the stick from the far side 45° to the inner side 30°. There is a slight difference due to the digging depth, but the boom and bucket are generally operated within this range, and should not be operated to the end of the stroke of the cylinder.


6. During continuous excavation, the chassis is placed in the forward direction and can walk immediately after the excavation is completed. If you want to go, change it again, and it will burn a lot of oil after the start.


7. When digging trenches, first dig both sides of the trench, and then dig the middle part. This saves a lot of trouble and effort when digging the middle.


8. Place the engine throttle in the economy gear position. Select the automatic idling function to let the engine idling when digging.


9. Minimize the radius of gyration.


10. The smaller the digging depth, the better the economy when digging. Try to use segmented digging.




Divide into three levels, upper, middle and lower. If you dig from low to top, firstly, the scope of action is enlarged. Secondly, the power of the excavator is reduced due to the enlarged scope, which reduces the work efficiency, which costs a lot of oil.

These little fuel-saving operation skills may not even be noticed by experienced digger drivers, but as long as they can develop good operating habits and accumulate over time, they can indeed save considerable fuel costs.

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