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How to choose the custom paint for the excavator long reach fronts

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How to choose the custom paint for the excavator long reach fronts
How to choose the custom paint for the excavator long reach fronts

Paint should not be unfamiliar to everyone. We can see paint in daily life, such as iron doors and car bodies. Although this thing can be seen everywhere, you may not understand its function, and you may also think it. It is just used for modification, and has no special effect. The fact is not like everyone thinks, paint actually has a certain protective effect on the product, and different paints will also have different effects, so we can choose different paint products according to different requirements, such as high According to the requirements of decoration, strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, etc., different paints can be selected according to the requirements. So if we want to customize the long reach fronts of an excavator, how should we choose a paint with stronger oil resistance?


long reach fronts


Because the application environment of the customized long reach fronts of the excavator is relatively harsh, and oil drips and splashes often occur. In order to avoid the damage of these oils, we must choose some paint with higher oil resistance for protection, and if it can achieve the when the oil is splashed, it does not bubble, soften, and does not fall off. It can be said that the protective effect has been achieved. So what paint can meet such conditions? For such conditions, ED600 epoxy paint can be said to be a very suitable choice. It is a kind of anti-corrosion coating with high shielding performance, excellent penetration resistance, and can block corrosive media and oil from contacting the substrate through the paint film.


long reach fronts


In addition to its strong oil resistance, its water resistance is also strong, so it has a very good protective effect in a humid environment, and it can meet the needs of people for thick and thin coating, and it does not need to be used with other paints, which is convenient fast. If people have this requirement when customizing the long reach fronts of an excavator, then they can choose it.

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