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How to maintain the excavator in the rainy season ?

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How to maintain the excavator in the rainy season ?

1. Check whether the oil cap and diesel cap are damaged. If it is damaged, please replace it, and need to replace the new engine oil and diesel.

2. Replace the filter element, focusing on the diesel filter element, oil filter element, and oil-water separator. The oil product may be affected in the rainy season, which will cause many problems in the operation of the excavator and cause problems with the internal parts of the excavator.

How to maintain the excavator in the rainy season ?


3. Check whether the sealing rubber ring and gasket are deformed and fall off, and replace them in time to ensure that the machine does not leak oil and prevent rain erosion.

4. Clean the excavator in time. When it encounters heavy rain, it should be cleaned in time, otherwise it may cause sludge to accumulate in the gap on the underside of the excavator. This is the place where moisture can hide and the place most likely to cause rust.

5. Paint surface protection The acidic components in the rain water have a strong corrosive effect on the paint surface of the excavator. Therefore, in the rainy season, it is best to give the excavator a paint finish.

6. Chassis care. The chassis is the part closest to the ground. It is particularly affected by road conditions. Generally, this part is most prone to rust and spots, and the wheel shell may even be loose and perforated.

7. If you encounter a problem that the engine is not easy to start, the most likely problem is the leakage of the ignition system due to moisture, thus losing the normal ignition function. The ignition system needs to be dried in time.

How to maintain the excavator in the rainy season ?


8. Other matters needing attention

Pay more attention to the weather forecast. If the construction site is in a valley, a mountain slope, or an unstable dirt road, you need to pay more attention to future weather changes, take preventive measures in time, move the excavator to a safe location, and try to avoid parking in an excessively humid environment And beware of safety accidents.

Also pay attention to check the filter element of the air filter of the excavator on rainy days to avoid the entry of rainwater.


How to maintain the excavator in the rainy season ?

In addition, pay attention to the wear of the sealing ring on the engine oil dipstick to prevent rainwater from leaking into the oil due to its wear. The oil filling port should also be checked.

Check the use of each thread of the starter to see if there is any looseness or rust. If any problems are found, deal with it in time to prevent the starter from being affected by moisture and affecting its life. Check the usage of the generator, and avoid damp in the joints of each line, which will affect the power generation effect.

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