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How to repair the excavator boom extension

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How to repair the excavator boom extension
How to repair the excavator boom extension

Believe that every friend in the machinery industry has encountered cracks in the excavator boom extension, but because they do not have the corresponding maintenance knowledge and maintenance technology, they can only be handed over to some maintenance manufacturers for maintenance, but many people will find the maintenance cost It remains high, and I don’t know exactly which locations need repairs, and I don’t know if I might have been deceived by these repair shops. What should we do in the event of a broken excavator boom extension?


How to repair the excavator boom extension


First of all, we have to analyze:

1. Causes of cracks.

Reasons for cracks in the side plates of the excavator boom extension: include bubbles, slag inclusions and micro cracks in the original weld itself. When the excavator is overloaded, the original weld will have a micro excavator to repair small cracks and slowly expand : Cracks caused by the inconsistency of the performance of the welding rod and the plate during welding: Due to the large size of the excavating arm, it is difficult to adopt effective heating and heat preservation measures. After welding, the hardened area of the base metal around the weld cannot be removed, resulting in a decrease in the strength of the weld: During the operation of the excavator, the vibration and impact are relatively large, and the welding seam is cracked due to the uneven force on the welding seam.


How to repair the excavator boom extension


2. Repair method

Pre-welding preparations: remove the oil, paint, rust, etc. from the original weld cracks with a hand grinder, gouging the weld cracks with an air gouging machine, and cut to the body of the side plate, and remove the previously welded mother The hardened area of the material is cleaned. After planing, the cut is smoothed and cleaned with a corner grinding wheel. After the pink check, the excavator repair shop confirms that all the cracks have been found and removed. Excavator maintenance includes replacement parts,pure maintenance parts,functional modification, maintenance and restoration, maintenance, maintenance,and repair.Improve the technology and quality of excavator repair, through the use of modern information technology, on the basis of one-stop maintenance and inspection,a complete excavator repair industry service chain is formed.

According to the existing maintenance conditions, choose the Φ5mm type E5015 (J507) or E5016 (J506) welding rod, bake it at 350℃ for 2h, and then keep it at 100℃ to prevent moisture absorption. 230A, due to the large thickness of the side plate of the excavator, the welded part should be preheated to 150~250℃ before welding. During the welding process, the welding can be carried out in sections, symmetrical, and backward. Keep hitting the weld metal with a hand hammer to eliminate stress. When welding at the corners of the side plates, in order to avoid arc defects, continuous welding should be performed to improve the stress condition of the joint.


How to repair the excavator boom extension



Of course, if there is really no maintenance conditions and maintenance technology, you can contact us Huitong. We can also help you with the excavator boom extension maintenance services or maintenance support to help you reduce unnecessary maintenance costs.

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