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Long reach boom for excavator fuel-saving tips, saving is earning

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We tried our first order in 2018, which was two years after I exchange my business card with Alice in 2016 Bauma conexpo India. Our supplier didn't finish our order on time, and it will cause around 100,000 USD lose to us. That's when we tried Huitong the first time. Huitong is good at dealing with rush orders, and the quality is very good.

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I work with Huitong the first time when I started my importing business. I've got tons of market insights from Jeremy. He is such a good friend being very tolerant to my bad temper. In 2017, Jeremy helped me handle a problem of bill of lading, which is caused by me. Huitong always emphasize that we should deal with the problem as soon as it occurs.

—— Mr.Stanislav Lilov, Bulgaria

We started cooperated with Huitong from 2017, they are honest, professional, always help us slove problems at the first step, we buy excavator attachments from Huitong in one stop, we share market insights like a good friend. Love Their Work.

—— Sony

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Long reach boom for excavator fuel-saving tips, saving is earning
Long reach boom for excavator fuel-saving tips, saving is earning

Everyone knows that large machinery is not like a car. This large machinery has a powerful engine, which means that it consumes a lot of fuel, which is what we call the "oil tiger", especially the long reach boom for excavator. Equipped with a 28-meter extension arm, it looks majestic in appearance, but it is not at all ambiguous when it comes to fine work, but does it consume more fuel after refitting the extension arm? Don't worry, today is to talk about how the long reach boom for excavator is efficient and fuel-saving. Share a few fuel-saving tips, but if you save it, you earn it.


Long reach boom for excavator


In fact, the modified long reach boom is not a key factor in fuel consumption. Although the modified excavator extended arm increases its own weight, the source of the "oil tiger" is not here. In fact, it mainly lies in the details of our usual work. It's like when we are driving the extension arm of an excavator, we will increase the throttle when we encounter some small slopes. Although this can speed up the climbing speed, the fuel consumption is also rising, so we should not directly stroke the handle to the speed when working. Fierce, this is also a problem often encountered by many novices. During operation, the small stroke of the joystick should be first transitioned to a large stroke, and there should be a small buffer in the middle, so that the excavator can move smoothly and smoothly when the long reach boom for excavator is working.


Long reach boom for excavator


Digging is the main work of the long reach boom for excavator, but it can also save money when digging. When loading a truck or other efficient operations, every bucket of the digging must be full. After lifting the bucket, try to stop For all other actions, just do the full swing action alone, so that the swing action speed will be faster. When unloading the soil, it will be thrown from the back of the bucket along the inertia, and the bucket will be opened faster. This is efficient and fuel-efficient. I don’t know you today Did you learn it?

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