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Maintenance method of excavator ripper boom arm

June 7, 2021

Latest company news about Maintenance method of excavator ripper boom arm

The excavator ripper boom arm needs to be maintained after use, because the long-term work of the machine in an extremely harsh environment will cause serious wear on the excavator. If maintenance measures are not taken at this time, the service life of the machine will be affected. . The following will introduce the maintenance method of the rock arm of the excavator.


excavator ripper boom arm


Should be parked in a dry room. Those who have to stop outdoors should choose a flat ground and spread wooden boards. Cover it with a drape after parking. Before long-term storage, the machine must be maintained, repaired and damaged, and cleaned up thoroughly to maintain a good technical condition. The fuel control lever of the machine should be placed in the idle position, and the control levers should be placed in the neutral position.

excavator ripper boom arm

1. For the excavator ripper boom arm, we consider that the working environment of the rock arm is harsh and the vibration force is quite large. The manufacturing process requirements on the previous standard arm can no longer meet the requirements of the rock arm.

2. When the excavator ripper boom arm is subjected to high-intensity vibration, certain parts will inevitably become loose. Huitong took these factors into consideration when designing. When arranging the pipes for the rock arms we designed, we have adopted anti-vibration treatments to ensure that our screw components are not affected by the high strength and frequent vibration. Falling off caused by loosening affects work.

3. For the excavator ripper boom arm, we use the big arm seat cover, the big arm middle cover, the forearm middle cover and the forearm front cover. We use the wear-resistant copper cover, which is more wear-resistant and more durable.

4. We have added more user-friendly designs. Our butter still uses a centralized lubrication method. The high-pressure hoses are all covered with spring rings to prevent pipeline damage caused by friction.


excavator ripper boom arm


Anti-rust treatment:

1 Before storage, it should be determined whether to use the method of touch-up paint or the method of repainting the whole machine according to the size of the peeling area of ​​the outer surface of the anti-corrosive paint.

2 For the working devices of construction machinery, such as the screed of the paver, the bucket of the loader, the scraper of the grader, etc., the anti-rust method for the exposed metal is to apply butter.

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