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Maintenance of excavator long reach front

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Maintenance of excavator long reach front
Maintenance of excavator long reach front

As an important construction machine, the excavator long reach front can be said to be omnipotent for demolishing houses and digging pits. In many cases, the extended arm of the excavator is carried out in some complicated geographical environments. Over time, some minor faults will inevitably occur. It requires us to perform regular maintenance on the excavator long reach arm, so what should we start with? Come and find out with me.


Maintenance of excavator long reach front



1.Check the excavator long reach front


Before using the excavator long reach front for construction, we need to strictly check whether the screws of each part of the machine are loose, the meshing and lubrication of each gear, and the wear and damage. During use, it is even more necessary to check the operating conditions of the engine. If there are any abnormalities, solve them in time to avoid affecting the later use.

2.Cleaning the long reach front


Since the excavator long reach front is operated on the construction site most of the time, it is inevitable that dust and foreign objects will enter during the construction period. This requires us to clean the structure of each part of the excavator long reach boom after the construction to prevent the entry of foreign objects. So as not to cause wear and tear on the structure of the machine and affect the use, and prolong the service life of the machine.


Maintenance of excavator long reach front

3.Excavator long reach front work

When using the excavator long reach front for crushing operations, the chisel rod should always be kept perpendicular to the surface of the crushed object. And make the drill rod press the crushed object tightly, and stop the work of the breaker immediately after crushing to prevent air strike. Continuous aimless impact will cause damage to the precursor of the breaker and loosening of the main body bolts, and in severe cases, the host itself can be damaged. When performing crushing, do not shake the chisel, otherwise the main body bolts and the chisel may be broken; do not let the hammer fall quickly or hit hard rocks hard, which will damage the excavation due to excessive impact. Extended arm.



Lubricating the various parts of the excavator long reach front can reasonably reduce the wear of various mechanical components. When performing lubrication operations, we also need to select qualified lubricating oil products according to relevant construction specifications to avoid the intrusion of impurities, and check the lubrication of the machine frequently. system is normal.


As long as you pay attention to the above maintenance and maintenance skills, you can increase the life of the excavator long reach boom, reduce our subsequent repairs and replacements, and help us save a lot of cost.

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