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Maintenance tips for excavator ripper arm manufacturers

July 16, 2021

Latest company news about Maintenance tips for excavator ripper arm manufacturers

We believe everyone knows that no matter what mechanical product is, it needs maintenance. As the so-called three-point maintenance and seven-point maintenance, maintenance occupies most of it. In addition to our common cars, airplanes, etc., excavators also need maintenance, especially Some machines in the last year, this is a watershed. The gap between maintenance and non-maintenance is obvious. Many remember to complain about oil leakage and various minor faults all day long. That means your maintenance has not been done properly. , Today our excavator ripper arm manufacturers has disclosed the maintenance secrets, you hurry up and learn.


excavator ripper arm manufacturers


In fact, all maintenance tips of excavator ripper arm manufacturers are carefully and meticulously. Regular cleaning of oil, dust, impurities, etc. near the fuselage, distribution valve, tubing and other components will greatly help the service life of the machine components. Especially in the spring, dust, flying sand, catkins and other pollutants are about to appear. The impurities adsorbed on the radiator are often cleaned up, which will have a positive effect on the heat dissipation of the machine. In addition, like an air filter, the owner will be careful After the machine has been working for a period of time, use high-pressure gas to blow out the dust, or knock the deposited dust. Such details will help the machine to keep it in good condition.


excavator ripper arm manufacturers


Excavator ripper arm manufacturers must replace the wearing parts in time for the replacement of maintenance parts, and replace the new maintenance parts strictly according to the maintenance time. If possible, the maintenance parts can be prepared in advance to prevent the construction parts from arriving in remote areas. The timeliness is not guaranteed. The maintenance of the excavator ripper arm manufacturers is actually very simple. In the long run, everyone will be pleasantly surprised to find that the construction state of the machine is the same as before.

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