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Precautions for excavator hydraulic breaker hammer

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Precautions for excavator hydraulic breaker hammer
Precautions for excavator hydraulic breaker hammer

Do you know? The operating environment of the excavator hydraulic breaker hammer is harsh, the crushing impact force is large, and the shape and hardness of the broken objects are different. Therefore, the service life of the excavator hydraulic hammer has a lot to do with daily maintenance. So, in order to better prolong the service life of the breaker, how to operate the breaker correctly in daily use?


Let’s find out today.

First of all, it is the inspection before the breaker is started. This work is like a medical examination for entry. It requires a complete set of examinations written in the system, and the work can only be carried out after confirming the health.


First, check whether the hydraulic oil is within the scale line of the oil dipstick. When the excavator hydraulic breaker hammer is in a vertical static state, tap it lightly with a hammer to check whether the bolts, nuts and hoses are loose. If there is looseness, it needs to be tightened and reinforced.


Next, check the wear state of the brazing bushing.

  1. Ground the excavator hydraulic hammer and turn off the engine of the excavator.
  2. Measure the gap between the steel drill and the steel drill bush, and exchange them at the maximum wear limit.
  3. If the gap exceeds the service limit of 8 mm, the steel drill needs to be pulled out and the inner diameter of the steel drill bushing is measured. It should be noted here that if the inner diameter of the steel drill bushing exceeds the wear limit, a new steel drill bushing needs to be replaced , does not exceed the wear limit, just replace the new steel brazing.


After the inspection work is completed, the preparatory work before the breaker operation can be carried out.

If you want to make the construction smoother, you must not forget to beat the butter frequently. It is recommended to add butter every two hours when the excavator hydraulic breaker hammer is working, and then warm up the machine after you have beaten the butter. I will tell you the method. Select the crushing mode in the monitoring panel and confirm that the shut-off valve is open, and start the engine. It should be noted here that when the engine is just started, do not rush to crush. Before the formal operation, it is necessary to perform a warm-up operation, and slowly operate the boom and stick for five minutes until the oil temperature is maintained at 40-60 degrees. In cold areas, the warm-up time should be extended appropriately.


It should be noted here that if the machine is not warmed up, it may cause oil seal damage, piston strain and other consequences, as well as high maintenance costs. After the warm-up operation is completed, the excavator can go to work with full energy.


The above are the precautions for the hydraulic breaker hammer in daily use.

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