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Precautions for operation of excavator long front boom

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Precautions for operation of excavator long front boom
Precautions for operation of excavator long front boom

Compared with the role of excavators in engineering construction, I don’t need to say more. Everyone knows it very well. Nowadays, it is more common to use excavators with excavator long front boom for construction, because some of the operational performance of using them is very high , but you must pay more attention to some details during use, and I will introduce it to you next.


Precautions for operation of excavator long front boom


Precautions for excavator long front boom

Since the excavator long front boom is longer, heavier, and has greater action inertia than the standard arm, it is lighter than the standard arm during operation. The operation process should be stable, and the action should not be too fast or violent, and emergency braking is not suitable. The bucket capacity is used according to the factory standard configuration, and it is strictly forbidden to replace the bucket with a large capacity.


The excavator with the excavator long front boom should have a flat and solid ground for operation and walking. The soft ground should be covered with sleepers or backing boards. In swampy areas, the roadbed should be treated first, or the wetland special track shoes should be replaced. Before use, the driving wheels of the crawler excavator should be placed behind the working surface. When leveling the work site, do not use a bucket to sweep or tamp the ground with a bucket.


Precautions for operation of excavator long front boom


When the excavator is working with excavator long front boom, except for loose soil, its maximum excavation height and depth should not exceed the performance requirements of the machine itself. During backhoe operation, the distance between the track and the edge of the working face should be greater than 2.0m. The key inspection items before operation should meet the following requirements: lighting, signal and alarm devices, etc. are complete and effective; fuel oil, lubricating oil, and hydraulic oil meet the regulations; all hinge parts are connected reliably; the hydraulic system has no leakage.


When the excavator is working with excavator long front boom, the excavator should try to maintain a horizontal position, brake the traveling mechanism, and tighten the crawler belt. When encountering large hard stones or obstacles, they should be removed before excavation. Do not use buckets to break stones or frozen soil, or use single-sided bucket teeth to gnaw hard. When excavating cliffs, protective measures should be taken. Umbrella edges and loose large rocks should not be left on the working surface. When the risk of landslide is found, it should be dealt with immediately or the excavator should be evacuated to a safe area.


Precautions for operation of excavator long front boom


When the excavator is working with the excavator long front boom, it should wait for the fuselage to stabilize before digging. When the bucket does not leave the working surface, it is not allowed to turn, walk and other actions. When slewing braking, the slewing brake should be used, and the steering clutch should not be used for reverse braking. Shaking and lifting should not be too violent, and when descending, it must not collide with the frame or track. When the boom and stick are raised and rotated, they must not touch the wall of the hole, the side of the groove or other objects.


Only by paying attention to the precautions for using the excavator long front boom mentioned above in this article can the service life of the extended arm of the excavator be extended and the smooth progress of construction operations can be ensured.

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