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Rock Ripper Arm manufacturers teach you how to solve high water temperature

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Rock Ripper Arm manufacturers teach you how to solve high water temperature
Rock Ripper Arm manufacturers teach you how to solve high water temperature

In large-scale projects, excavator rock arms are often used. The use of such mechanical equipment can not only better carry out the excavation work, but also improve the work efficiency of the workers. However, during use, the water temperature of the excavator will be too high, especially in summer, the outdoor temperature has already reached 40 °, let alone the machine is exposed and working in the hot sun, the following rock ripper arm manufacturers everyone introduces the reasons for the excessive water temperature of the excavator and the countermeasures.


rock ripper arm manufacturers


The rock arms of general excavators have a water pump to pump water in the water tank to cool down, and there is also a thermostat in our engine, which can watch temperature changes at any time. This function is the same as that of a car, so If the water temperature is too high, we can first check whether the water pump is working and whether the thermostat is working properly. If there is no problem with these two places, we should check the inside of the water tank to see if there is dirt and heat dissipation. Whether the air duct, the water flow inside the water tank, etc. are unblocked, you can also check whether the speed of the cooling fan is normal, etc. The rock ripper arm manufacturers says that generally, as long as it is not overloaded, the water temperature is normal.


rock ripper arm manufacturers


The above is the reason why the excavator's water temperature is too high, which is explained by the rock ripper arm manufacturers. In real life, the engine water temperature is sometimes not only caused by one or two factors, so we have to encounter problems. Analyze calmly, first find out the reasons and then investigate, analyze and judge carefully, distinguish the primary and secondary, find the important reasons, and then adopt the corresponding treatment methods. Such problems can be satisfactorily resolved.

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