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Safety knowledge not to be forgotten in the excavator long arms

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Safety knowledge not to be forgotten in the excavator long arms
Safety knowledge not to be forgotten in the excavator long arms

Although no matter which industry, everyone needs to pay attention to safety when working, but because some jobs have a low risk factor, people will ignore these potential dangers over time. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly emphasize these safety knowledge in order to improve people's vigilance. So today Huitong Heavy Industry mainly talks about the safety knowledge of construction machinery. The excavator long arms, don’t forget these safety knowledge.


excavator long arms


In fact, there are many potential hazards in the process of using the excavator long arms to work, but not all of them are prone to occur. Therefore, today I will start a conversation with you around the aspects that are more prone to hazards.

Do not hold the door frame with your hands when the excavator long arms is going downhill. The reason for emphasizing this aspect is that when the excavator is going downhill or getting off the trailer, due to the forward tilt of the fuselage, many drivers will habitually push their left hand on the front windshield or door frame, and then operate the excavator with their right hand. . But at this time, the door is not locked. The door will be closed vigorously due to the gravity of the excavator. If the hand is not opened in time, it will be clamped.


excavator long arms


Do not raise the boom high during the driving of the excavator long arms. Many novice drivers will think that this will make the field of vision a little wider, but this will make the center of gravity of the excavator device higher, and if the ground is uneven, it will cause the car to overturn.

In the process of operating the excavator long arms, ignore the blind spot of the line of sight. In fact, large machinery such as the excavator long arms has blind spots in the line of sight, so we need to pay special attention to whether there are people or hard buildings in the blind spots during the operation.

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