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The maintenance of long front boom excavators should do these two points

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The maintenance of long front boom excavators should do these two points
The maintenance of long front boom excavators should do these two points

In daily maintenance, the driver of the long front boom excavators needs to pay attention to check whether the lubricating oil and coolant are working normally and whether it needs to be added. To check the tightness of the V-belt, we need to press down on the middle of the belt with our thumbs and adjust it according to the situation. Check the integrity of the instrument, work lights, signal lights and switches; check or adjust the tension of the crawler, the sag is required to be between 25-40mm.


long front boom excavators


Check whether the bucket teeth are loose or missing; check whether the bucket teeth are severely worn, replace or repair as appropriate; add grease to each lubrication point of the working device; drain the water and sediment in the oil-water separator; check the electrical wiring, there is No open circuit, short circuit, looseness, etc.


long front boom excavators


The first-level maintenance method is to check whether the fuel tank has contaminants, and check whether the lubricating oil of the long front boom excavators has deteriorated. Check the wear and damage of the track rollers, towing wheels, and guide wheels, and repair them as appropriate; clean the sediment of the fuel pre-filter. Grease the rotary roller; check the belt tension of the air-conditioning compressor and adjust if necessary; the whole machine performs a comprehensive cleaning work to remove dust and dirt.


long front boom excavators


Secondary maintenance method: replace the lubricating oil in the slewing mechanism box; replace the hydraulic oil and filter element of the hydraulic system; check the wear of the return mechanism gear, and clean and refuel; check the installation and tightening conditions, deformation, damage and abnormal sound of each part; check the electrical appliances Whether the components, switches, and circuits are aging; replace the lubricating oil in the final transmission box; replace the lubricating oil of the supporting wheels, towing wheels, and guide wheels; clean and check or replace the air filter element;


long front boom excavators


Whether it is parked or working, long front boom excavators need certain maintenance to maintain long-term operation, so we should learn more about the various maintenance and repair problems of long front boom excavators. Seasonal maintenance is generally combined in spring and autumn. The second guarantee; the pre-transfer maintenance refers to the maintenance carried out after the first project is used up so that the machinery can be quickly put into new construction and production.

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