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Three Steps for excavator hydraulic breaker Installation – Away from Failure and Annoyance

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Three Steps for excavator hydraulic breaker Installation – Away from Failure and Annoyance
Three Steps for excavator hydraulic breaker Installation – Away from Failure and Annoyance

It is a very common operation to install a excavator hydraulic breaker, so do you know what work the excavator hydraulic breaker needs to do before installation? Failure to do a good job in preparation can lead to failures later.


We all know that if there are impurities and dirt in the pipeline of the breaker, these impurities and dirt will enter the excavator hydraulic breaker, and the matching clearance between the piston, the oil cylinder and the reversing valve of the breaker is matched according to the wire level. Once the impurities enter the breaker, it will soon cause the breaker piston and reversing valve to strain and pull hair! Today, we will tell you about the process steps of the breaker installation.


  • 01 Clean up impurities

After the excavator hydraulic breaker pipeline is installed, first close the breaker pipeline stop valve on both sides of the forearm! Then let the operator start the excavator, set the accelerator to the mid-range position, step on the foot switch of the breaker in the cab, release the foot valve every 1 minute, and then step on it for another minute, and step on the foot valve intermittently. After 3 to 5 minutes, turn off the flame! At this time, use a wrench to slowly open the oil inlet shut-off valve of the forearm. Note that you’d better stand behind the shut-off valve when opening to avoid high-pressure oil splashing on your body. After opening, a lot of dirty oil will be sprayed out, so don’t be nervous. This is that the dirt in the breaker pipeline flows out together with the hydraulic oil. After the hydraulic oil flows out, observe whether the hydraulic oil slowly becomes clear. When it is clear, close the stop valve, and then follow the above steps to return the opposite side. The oil shut-off valve opens to release dirty oil. After this operation, if the hydraulic oil is still not clear, you can hit the excavator again and repeat the steps! Until the hydraulic oil in the pipeline is clear!


  • 02 Strengthen the effect of cleaning pipeline

The excavator hydraulic breaker pipeline has basically become clear after the oil discharge step. At this time, the first step has just been completed. The second step is to strengthen the cleaning effect of the pipeline to ensure that the pipeline is free of impurities! Take out the breaker hose, use this pipeline to connect the oil inlet and return iron pipes at both ends of the forearm in series, and open the stop valves on both sides! At this time, the excavator is on fire, and the accelerator is still set to the mid-range position. Step on the foot valve of the breaker with your foot, release it every 1 minute, pause for 5 seconds, and the intermittent time of stepping on the foot valve is also 3 to 5 minutes, and then Close the stop valves on both sides, and the impurities in the pipeline will be cleaned up at this time!


  • 03 Final Check

After the above two steps, you can connect the oil pipe of the breaker to the excavator. Before the excavator hydraulic breaker starts to work, you need to check whether the nitrogen pressure of the upper cylinder of the breaker is standard. The specific pressure depends on the breaker you purchased. of the model. Then put butter on the grease nipple of the lower cylinder, remember to hit the butter once every 2-3 hours after hitting the hammer, and hit the grease gun 15 times each time.

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