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What are the subdivisions of digger quick hitch

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What are the subdivisions of digger quick hitch
What are the subdivisions of digger quick hitch

Digger quick hitch for excavator, also known as quick coupling, English translation word Quick Coupler. Quick-change connectors for excavators can quickly install various configuration accessories on the excavator, such as buckets, rippers, breakers, hydraulic shears, log grabs, stone grabs, etc., which can expand the scope of excavators, save time, and improve work efficiency .

digger quick hitch

1. Classification of digger quick hitch


Digger quick hitch joints are divided into mechanical and hydraulic types.


digger quick hitch


2. Brief introduction of digger quick hitch


(1) Use high-strength materials, South Korea uses 20M high-strength panels, and China uses Q345B panels;


(2) Suitable for various models of 4-50 tons;


(3) Use the safety device of hydraulic control check valve to ensure safety;


(4) The configuration parts of the excavator can be replaced without modification and without disassembling the pin, so the installation is quick and the work efficiency can be greatly improved.


digger quick hitch


3.Working principle of hydraulic quick hitch joint


The hydraulic digger quick hitch joint is mainly used to fix and release the pins 1 and 2 by the action of the cylinder.


When working parts need to be replaced, the oil cylinder is retracted, the hook clamp moves from position 1 to position 2, and the quick-change coupling is separated and replaced with other working parts. After the hook clamp is aligned with the pin, the cylinder is opened again , The hook-shaped pressing block moves from position 2 to position 1 to lock the pin of the working fitting. Of course, except for this, the external oil circuit and solenoid valve work at the same time.


digger quick hitch


4.The working principle of mechanical digger quick hitch joints


There are mainly two types of mechanical quick-change couplings produced by domestic manufacturers, one pin type and one screw type.


Take the plug type as an example. When you need to replace the working parts, first pull out the wedge card and knock the T-shaped buckle in. (The T-shaped buckle can smoothly drive the red part of the press block to recycle, where the welding requirements are relatively high. , The slide rail is not welded and flat, and if it is not polished cleanly, it is difficult for the red part to press the block smoothly.) The quick-change joint is separated from the bucket. When the required working parts are changed, the T-shaped buckle is pulled back, and the wedge-shaped card is inserted into the T-shaped buckle to lock.

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