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What is the reason for the slow working frequency of excavator hydraulic breaker

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What is the reason for the slow working frequency of excavator hydraulic breaker
What is the reason for the slow working frequency of excavator hydraulic breaker

The reason for the slow working frequency of the excavator hydraulic breaker is that the excavator will slow down and hold the car during heavy work, and the whole vehicle will be sluggish. Failure analysis:


excavator hydraulic breaker


First of all, there is no black smoke holding the car, it can be regarded as a hydraulic holding car or a circuit holding a car, and the circuit holding a car usually has an alarm with a fault code. If there is no alarm, it basically has nothing to do with the fuel and water of the engine, etc. . The hydraulic holding of the car on the excavator is mainly because the output power of the main pump is greater than the output power of the engine. At this time, the engine will slow down severely, holding the car or even stalling. Please follow the steps below to exclude:

1. The G mode should not be a heavy load mode. If there is a P mode or H mode, please choose to try and see if there is also a phenomenon of holding the car. If so, disassemble the throttle lever between the throttle motor and the high-pressure oil pump and check it to see if the spring is loose or too stiff. It is recommended to replace it.

2. If the P, H or A mode is not holding the car, only the G mode is holding the car, indicating that your pump does not perceive the output power of the engine at this time. To put it simply, the computer has always defaulted to the maximum engine power, and the actual engine The power is much smaller than the output power of the main pump. You have to find the TVC solenoid valve on the main pump. There is an adjustment nut on it. Adjust it 90 degrees counterclockwise. Adjust the two TVC valves of the front and rear pumps to see if the fault is improved.

3. Check the engine speed sensor and pump pressure sensor (there are two). The former is located on the engine flywheel housing, and the latter should be located on the back of the main control valve (varies depending on the model), and measure the resistance and output voltage to see if there is a short circuit. Or the phenomenon of open circuit. If there is, it needs to be replaced.


excavator hydraulic breaker


Therefore, the working frequency of the excavator hydraulic breaker is not only to consider the problem of the excavator hydraulic breaker itself, but also to consider whether the excavator has malfunctions and problems.

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