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What to pay attention to during operation of telescopic dipper

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What to pay attention to during operation of telescopic dipper
What to pay attention to during operation of telescopic dipper

Most products have a product manual, and the merchant will give a general operation process, but because of some living habits of everyone, these operation processes are often ignored, and it is often these small details that lead to the irregular use of the product Down damaged. There are also some products that do not have manuals. They are all operated and used based on everyone's knowledge of the most industry products. There are many such situations in our excavator industry, and the telescopic dipper is one of them.


What to pay attention to during operation of telescopic dipper



In life, many people like to plug in a video game mobile phone when using a mobile phone, but this is a dangerous behavior. I believe you have seen too many news about the spontaneous combustion of the mobile phone caused by charging the mobile phone. There are many things like this. There are also prescribed operating methods and matters that need our attention when using the telescopic boom of an excavator. Improper operation will also cause the failure of the telescopic dipper.


What to pay attention to during operation of telescopic dipper


Let us understand what knowledge we should know

1. Due to the characteristics of the telescopic dipper, its arm length is heavier than the ordinary cross arm, the inertia scale, there are more places to pay attention to, the operation difficulty is also corresponding to the scale, and the operation cannot be too fast.


2. In terms of attachments and accessories, a single telescopic dipper cannot complete the work. It is necessary to install a bucket of appropriate weight at the front end. However, many people often overlook this matter in order to be more efficient and install large-capacity digging. These are operating habits that are not worth the loss.


3. Before operation, check the following equipment: lighting, signal and alarm devices are complete and effective; fuel, lubricating oil, and hydraulic oil comply with regulations; all articulated parts are connected reliably; hydraulic systems are unlikely to appear. Ensure that the equipment is complete before starting work.


Because the working environment is more complicated, there are often a lot of waste materials entering the excavator and the telescopic dipper of the excavator, so pay attention to cleaning up during daily maintenance to ensure that the equipment does not get stuck. The above is today's content, I hope to help you!

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