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What you need to know about backhoe stump ripper

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What you need to know about backhoe stump ripper
What you need to know about backhoe stump ripper

Backhoe stump ripper is a welded structural part, also known as tail hook. It is composed of the main board, ear board, ear seat board, bucket ears, bucket teeth, reinforcement board and other components. Some of them will add a spring steel or guard board in front of the main board to increase the wear resistance of the main board.

The shapes of backhoe stump ripper produced by various manufacturers are different, and there is no uniform standard. However, Huitong believes that the cutting angle of the tooth tip should be a circular arc with the line in front of the main board. Depending on the arm length of various models, this The radius of the circle is also different.


backhoe stump ripper


Why is it designed to be curved? Because the arc is not easily deformed under the action of external force, the arc is stable. It can be seen that the roofs of many European buildings are like this. At the same time, because the tooth tip and the main board are curved, it is easier to fight The teeth are guided into the main board into the ground for destruction.


1.Selection of backhoe stump ripper for each tonnage model

The conventional selection method of ripper can be divided into three categories: 20 tonnage machines less than 30 tonnage machines are classified as one type, 30 tonnage machines to 35 tonnage machines are classified as one type, and 35 tonnage machines and above are classified as one type.

A simpler selection method is: the forearm head pin is 80 in diameter, choose 20 tonnage; 90 to 100 in diameter, choose 30 tonnage; 100 to 110 in diameter, choose 35 tonnage. No matter how big the tonnage is, choose... Sorry, the conventional one may not be available, you need to go to the factory to customize it.

2. What should I pay attention to when buying

When buying, pay attention to the materials first. The general ripper main board, ear plate, and seat ear plate are Q345 manganese plates.

The effect and life span of ripper of different materials will vary a lot.

How to inspect the material? The easiest way is to hit A3 and ripper with a hammer. With the same intensity, the relative hardness of A3 is much lower, and the mark produced by hitting is deeper than the manganese plate.

Secondly, the bucket teeth of a good backhoe stump ripper should be rock-shaped, and the tip of the tooth is relatively sharper than that of the earthmoving bucket. The advantage of the rock-shaped bucket tooth is that it is not easy to wear.


backhoe stump ripper


Finally, when ordering with the manufacturer, please confirm the installation dimensions, that is, the diameter of the pin, the center distance between the forearm head and the ear sleeve. The installation dimensions of the backhoe stump ripper are the same as the bucket.

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