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Why is fresh water inseparable from the excavator telescopic dipper arm

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Why is fresh water inseparable from the excavator telescopic dipper arm
Why is fresh water inseparable from the excavator telescopic dipper arm

According to world data, the earth has abundant water storage, but the amount of water really used for people's life and production is very small. Fresh water accounts for only 2.5% of the earth's water storage, and 70% of this extremely small freshwater resource is frozen in the earth's Antarctic and North Pole. Therefore, the fresh water that people can really use is actually only part of the rivers, lakes and groundwater, which accounts for only 0.26% of all the earth's water transport. Moreover, freshwater resources are unevenly distributed all over the world due to geographical reasons, which has led to extreme water shortages in many countries. Nearly 1.5 billion people in the world are in an environment with insufficient freshwater. But water resources are the resources we rely on for survival. We need water for our daily production and life, and we also need water for our agricultural and industrial activities. Just imagine what kind of scenario would we have if the water resources around us cannot be used. ? Lop Nur back then is a good example. Due to the lack of water resources, the original beautiful natural environment has deteriorated. Now, there are only infinite memories and reveries in people's hearts. So what is the connection between the excavator telescopic dipper arm and fresh water?


excavator telescopic dipper arm


Even if we live in areas with abundant water resources, we cannot waste water at will, let alone destroy the water environment, because the quality of the water environment directly affects our own safety. Assuming that without a good water environment, our life will naturally be exhausted. If the water environment is polluted, the bacteria that grow in it will also exhaust our life. The water environment is closely related to our life.


excavator telescopic dipper arm


So how to protect the water environment has become very important. We can strengthen publicity and raise people's awareness of protecting the water environment. Secondly, we must start from ourselves, do not damage the water environment, do not litter the garbage, and do a good job of garbage classification. Third, we can dispatch the excavator telescopic dipper arm to clean up the garbage in the water environment. With the help of the telescopic arm of the excavator, we can clean up the silt in the water environment. With the help of the telescopic arm of the excavator, we can clean the weeds and weeds by the water. Diseases and pests have nowhere to hide; with the assistance of the excavator's telescopic arm, a special drainage system can be built to allow clean natural water to flow around us, which is convenient for our lives and for us to live in close proximity with nature. Finally, we can also use the power of the excavator's telescopic arm to quickly build more water purification stations in various places, so that more sewage can be purified, and people can reuse it to achieve the effect of recycling.


Therefore, two things that seem to have no relationship between the telescopic arm of an excavator and freshwater resources are linked together because of technology. Excavator telescopic dipper arm unknowingly walk into all aspects of people's lives.

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