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Why is the efficiency of the excavator rock ripper so high

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Why is the efficiency of the excavator rock ripper so high
Why is the efficiency of the excavator rock ripper so high

We often see that excavators are used with buckets and broken hammers. It is rare to see that excavators can be replaced with other tooling and attachments. Let me introduce the excavator rock ripper. Such excavator arms may be relatively unpopular. , But its ability and efficiency are not ambiguous at all. Why is it so efficient? The reason is this.


excavator rock ripper


It is being developed all over the world, especially in some developing countries with a large area. What kind of soil quality and working conditions can be encountered, so how do we make the excavator more efficient and produce better economic benefits? This is the dream of every owner, and as a mature and stable product, excavators can provide reliable hydraulic power, have good mobility, strong mobility, and can adapt to harsh working conditions. These are its advantages As a power supply system, the excavator rock ripper is aimed at working conditions that do not allow blasting, and even the effect of blasting is not good. The excavator rock ripper came into being when the traditional breaking effect was extremely poor. It may be relative to the breaking hammer, the power of the same tonnage model with the breaking hammer must exceed the excavator rock ripper.


excavator rock ripper


However, the strength of the excavator rock ripper is just greater than the effect of the standard arm belt ripper. It has extremely high efficiency and good breaking force. Generally, it can be applied to some rock formations with a hardness of not higher than 45 MPa such as medium-high weathered rock and sandstone. The structure of the excavator rock ripper is mainly composed of three parts: the big arm, the forearm, and the enlarged stick cylinder. The oil path of the bucket cylinder is merged into the stick cylinder, which realizes the confluence of double pumps, and the enlarged cylinder is designed. , The oil cylinder has better pressure bearing capacity, faster movement and higher efficiency.

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