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Why is there such a big difference in the price of custom excavator bucket one

Good quality Heavy Duty Excavator Bucket for sales
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Why is there such a big difference in the price of custom excavator bucket one
Why is there such a big difference in the price of custom excavator bucket one

The custom excavator bucket, teeth, and roots are consumables; when many bosses choose buckets, because they don’t understand the craftsmanship and production insider of the bucket industry, they often take the price seriously in order to avoid being deceived. Good goods are not cheap; cheap goods are not good ones! After you understand the craftsmanship and process and materials of bucket making; I hope this article can give you a little help to buy a good bucket.


custom excavator bucket


First of all, we introduce the materials used to make the bucket from the material. According to the market price of steel; from the weight, you can roughly estimate the actual cost of a bucket!

Among them, the main factors affecting the cost of the custom excavator bucket are the following:


1. Material and thickness of knife edge plate: low-cost bucket mouth plate often chooses cheap 45 steel plate or scrap steel plate, medium-quality bucket mouth plate often chooses manganese steel plate or Q345A/B plate, high-quality bucket mouth plate Generally choose Q345E or Q460 or HARDOX-500. The mouth plate is not as thick as possible. A heavy custom excavator bucket will increase the load of the excavator; increase fuel consumption. The mouth plate of a common 20-ton excavator is generally 40 mm thick, and it is best not to exceed 50 mm thick.


2. The material and thickness of the bottom wear plate. For many buckets, the thickness of the backboard has a cost of at least 20%. The difference in material will affect the price; the difference in thickness will affect the price of the bending process; whether stress relief is done will affect the price of labor.


custom excavator bucket


3. Brand selection of bucket teeth and bucket heels. The custom excavator bucket heel is the biggest consumable for a bucket; the brand of the tooth root, bucket tooth, and side blade can affect about 10% of the bucket price; the best bucket tooth in China is the diamond produced by Ningbo Huntley Lingfeng , Diamond five-star bucket teeth and tooth holders, compared with many small factories, the price of bucket teeth cast from scrap steel differs by 30-40%; (the red tooth holder in the picture above is the diamond five-star bucket tooth holder).


4. Bucket ear material The quality of the bucket ear material directly determines the use time of the later bucket; the price of a bucket ear with good quality and ordinary materials is about double.

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