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Wrong ways to maintain excavators in the cold winter Part One

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Wrong ways to maintain excavators in the cold winter Part One
Wrong ways to maintain excavators in the cold winter Part One

For the excavator hand, the beloved equipment also needs "health care". Today I will share with you how to maintain excavator in winter.


Affected by the epidemic at the beginning of the year, although more than half of the fourth quarter, major infrastructure projects in various countries are in full swing, and there is no sign of slowing down. In order to grab the schedule and catch up with the construction period, the investment in construction machinery and equipment has been increasing indefinitely. Most engineering teams have abandoned the familiar "winter break mode", and busy excavators can be seen everywhere on major construction sites.

With the advent of low-temperature and cold wave weather, the test on the equipment will be more severe than usual. At this time, how to better operate and maintain the equipment has become a problem for every user and operator. However, due to various reasons, many operators are not familiar with excavator maintenance, and some daily habits often have misunderstandings, which will cause certain damage to the equipment in the long run.


maintenance of excavators


During construction in winter

What are the misunderstandings in the maintain excavators?

What kind of damage will the wrong maintenance habits bring to the excavator?


Wrong approach


1.If the water is released too early or the cooling water is not released, the engine body will burst or shrink and crack.

Run at idling speed before turning off the flame, wait until the cooling water temperature drops below 60°C and the water does not burn your hands, turn off the flame and release the water. If the cooling water is discharged prematurely, the body will shrink suddenly when the temperature is high, and cracks will appear. When draining water, the remaining water in the body should be completely drained to prevent it from freezing and expanding, causing the body to burst.


maintenance of excavators


2.Random selection of fuel will reduce the service life of the engine.

The low temperature in winter makes the fluidity of diesel oil worse, the viscosity increases, and it is not easy to spray, resulting in poor atomization, worsening combustion, and lowering the power and economic performance of diesel engines. Therefore, light diesel with low freezing point and good ignition performance should be used in winter. It is generally required that the freezing point of diesel engines should be 7-10℃ lower than the local minimum temperature in the current season.


3.Using an open flame to support combustion can cause serious consequences.

Do not remove the air filter. Dip cotton yarn into diesel oil and ignite it as a firelighter, which is placed in the intake pipe for combustion-supporting start. In this way, during the start-up process, the dust-laden air from the outside will be directly sucked into the cylinder without being filtered, causing abnormal wear of pistons, cylinders and other parts, causing the diesel engine to work rough and damaging the machine.


Tomorrow we will continue to update the content of winter maintain excavators, so stay tuned.

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