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Analysis of the characteristics of excavator log grapple

January 8, 2022

Latest company news about Analysis of the characteristics of excavator log grapple

There are many manufacturers of excavator log grapple. Consumers are often confused when they buy. I don’t know which manufacturer to choose. This editor will explain the characteristics of Huitong wood clamps in detail, so that you will no longer be confused when buying wood clamps.


excavator log grapple


The main features of Huitong excavator log grapple:

1. The rotary excavator log grapple is made of special steel, which is light in texture, has high elasticity, and has high wear resistance.

2. It has the braking function and adopts a new type of worm gear design.

3. It adopts the slewing device of the small tonnage excavator and uses the brake pads to brake, which greatly improves the rotation life, stability and efficiency.

4. The maximum opening width, minimum weight and maximum performance of the same level; in order to strengthen the strength, a special large-capacity oil cylinder is used.

5. The operator can control the rotation speed, and can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise 360 degrees freely.

6. The use of special rotating gears prolongs product life and reduces maintenance costs.


excavator log grapple


Excavator log grapple are one of the common types of excavator working devices, which are widely used in the handling and handling of scrap metal, stones, scrap steel, sugar cane, cotton, and wood.


Huitong excavator log grapple can be divided into sugarcane grippers, log grippers, stone grippers, steel grippers, etc. according to their functions. According to the working principle, they are divided into two types: hydraulic rotary type and mechanical type. According to the number of teeth, it is divided into two-tooth, five-tooth and seven-tooth grippers, which are widely used in the handling, loading and unloading of materials such as sugarcane, wood, stones, steel slag, garbage grabbing, and scrap metal processing.

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