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Common problems of excavator hydraulic breaker

October 14, 2021

Latest company news about Common problems of excavator hydraulic breaker

Sometimes, obstructions will hinder all normal excavations. Excavator hydraulic breakers are used for mining, quarrying, excavation and dismantling, and can be cut out from large stones or current reinforced concrete. Sometimes the application of engineering obstacles or the lifting of very thick stone layers, but the excavator hydraulic breaker shows a more controllable whole process. The hydraulic breaker is driven by a hydraulic press piston rod, which presses on the top of the accessory's head to show strong and stable torque to the obstacle. This is just a very large portable drill. The hydraulic breaker is especially suitable for small indoor spaces and continuous production. The excavator hydraulic breaker is also quieter than the project and causes less vibration.


excavator hydraulic breaker


Even so, this powerful special tool is still solved under the maintenance of all industrial production equipment. Experienced operators and decontamination agents can reduce the damage or unexpected gaps in the operation process. Mastering the working method of the equipment will also increase the service life of the excavator hydraulic breaker. Air strike means that no object or raw material bears the interaction force of the isolating switch. Therefore, the piston rod fired at the handle of the special tool, but the evil spirits could not digest and absorb the kinetic energy. The high-voltage electric shock was sent to a special tool and fell into another high-voltage electric shock. A lot of force will be encountered in the middle, which will cause uncomfortable working pressure and wear on the special tool itself.


excavator hydraulic breaker


According to the expected "destruction" of the obstruction, the operator can immediately terminate the excavator hydraulic breaker before the overall target is exposed. This limits the frequency of aerial shots and maintains special tools. As with all mechanical equipment, check the isolation switch before and after each application to ensure a good working standard. To solve the problem of abnormally worn parts, the operator should ensure that the appropriate grease or vegetable grease is applied.

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