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Easily replace the excavator digging bucket in four steps

January 4, 2022

Latest company news about Easily replace the excavator digging bucket in four steps

The excavator digging bucket is one of the most frequently used parts of the excavator. Similarly, the bucket is also the fastest wearing part, and the bucket of the excavator needs to be replaced frequently. Excavator bucket replacement is a technical task that requires the operator to pay attention to many matters in order to complete the operation without damaging the machine and injuring personnel.


excavator digging bucket


Steps to replace the excavator digging bucket

1. Park the machine on a solid, level ground. The bucket should be gently lowered to a position just in contact with the ground. If a large force is used to lower the excavator digging bucket to the ground, the resistance at the pin will increase and it will be difficult to remove the pin.


excavator digging bucket


2. Remove the double nuts on the baffle bolts of the stick pin [A) and connecting rod pin (B), remove the bolts, pull out the stick pin [A] and connecting rod pin [B), and then remove the excavator digging bucket . After removing the pin, make sure not to get mud or sand on the pin. Both ends of the bushing are equipped with dust-proof seals, take care not to damage them.


excavator digging bucket


3. Align the stick with the hole (1) of the replacement excavator digging bucket and the connecting rod with the hole (2). Then, insert the grease-coated pins A and B into the hole (1) and hole (2), respectively. When installing the bucket, for the arm pin part [A), install the O-ring (3) of the bucket into the position shown in the figure. After inserting the pin, fit it into the standard slot.


excavator digging bucket


4. Install the baffle bolts and nuts of each pin shaft, and then add grease to the pin shaft. Thoroughly lubricate with grease until the grease is squeezed out from the end surface. When replacing the excavator digging bucket, if the dust seal is damaged, replace it. If a damaged seal is used, sand or dust will enter the pin shaft and cause abnormal wear of the pin shaft.

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