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Excavator bucket attachments replacement frequency

April 7, 2022

Latest company news about Excavator bucket attachments replacement frequency

During the use of the excavator, it is inevitable that the excavated object is in contact with the bucket and the wear is Do the excavator bucket attachments need to be replaced frequently? I believe that the replacement of excavator bucket attachments is of concern to many car owners, so how often do you need to replace the bucket? Let's take a look at it below.


excavator bucket attachments


If possible, of course, it is best to replace it frequently, especially the teeth of the bucket, which are the most damaged parts.

The main purpose of changing the excavator bucket attachments is to improve work efficiency. We can all think about it. For the same fuel consumption, a large bucket will not move when digging wet soil. On the contrary, the amount of digging dry soil with a small bucket is small, which is not cost-effective. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right bucket for the work object.


In fact, I don’t think it is necessary to replace the excavator bucket attachments frequently, because the excavator is strictly matched before leaving the factory, and the bucket cannot be replaced at will. If it is broken and cannot be used, go to a regular repair shop to equip a corresponding one. Don’t go casually. A repair point is allocated. If it is not adapted, it will not only affect work efficiency, but may also cause damage to the excavator.


excavator bucket attachments


The price of a excavator bucket attachments is also quite high, so there is no need to change it frequently. You can also change only the teeth instead of the whole.

Then some friends will ask how long does it take to replace the teeth? Generally, it depends on the degree of wear of the bucket and bucket teeth. The standard type of bucket earthworks is more abraded and the degree of wear is smaller, about 4-5 months, it is better to replace it.


For rock-type buckets, the time to replace the teeth is relatively short. For granite buckets, the teeth must be replaced in about a week.

The working environment of the excavator is relatively harsh. In this environment, the damage of the bucket is very fast. If it is not replaced in time, it will affect the work progress and reduce the work efficiency. Therefore, how often should the excavator bucket attachments be replaced? For questions, you can refer to the above content and replace it according to the specific situation.

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