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Excavator long front boom assists in urban transformation

November 29, 2021

Latest company news about Excavator long front boom assists in urban transformation

Changes in the city will be constantly updated and improved with the changes of the times. The purpose of this is to gradually improve the infrastructure of the city to catch up with the needs of social development. That said, the transformation of the city is not easy. There are many aspects to consider when you really do it. Actions can be started when the loss is small. There are custom-made excavator extension arms. There is no need to worry about urban reconstruction. Urban reconstruction must involve many road repairs, so it depends on the excavator long front boom.


excavator long front boom


Before the pavement upgrade begins, the construction party first conducts on-site monitoring of the direction of the pipeline optical fiber under the pavement, and then determines the road section that needs to be renovated. After the preliminary work is ready, use the excavator long front boom to excavate the road surface. The damaged pavement should be repaired first, and then replaced with a bucket to clean up the cement stones, and then repair the underground water pipes, optical fibers and other basic pipeline facilities. After everything is ready, backfill the pavement with the help of the custom-made strength of the excavator's extension arm, because of this Only then can the cement be paved, so that it can be more adhesive and the pavement has better compressive resistance. Then, after the cement concrete is paved, the asphalt is paved.


excavator long front boom


The process seems simple but in fact it is not simple. If we rely on ordinary machinery alone, it is of course more difficult, but after we have an excavator long front boom, these tasks could not be easier. Although the construction speed is fast, we still have to Do a good job in safety measures and noise management, pay attention to reducing the rest and life of nearby residents as much as possible, and ensure that the construction proceeds smoothly but not at the cost of damaging the people’s property safety.

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