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Excavator ripper arm manufacturer teach you how to maintain it

August 11, 2021

Latest company news about Excavator ripper arm manufacturer teach you how to maintain it

Today’s excavator ripper arm manufacturer say “raising” is not about raising, but also about raising. The so-called machinery is 3 points and 7 points. If you raise them well, they will show different working conditions. Machinery is very similar to human beings. Once it lacks maintenance, it is easy to age. Of course, machinery is the same, but how should we "raise" it? Today, excavator ripper arm manufacturer will focus on it.


excavator ripper arm manufacturer


In fact, machinery is also very fragile, which is very similar to humans, because once people lack movement, they are prone to get sick, and machinery is the same, so how should machinery move? In fact, this is very simple. The daily operation is exercise, because if it is not operated for a long time, the oil will precipitate, and many parts are prone to rust without being moisturized by the oil. Therefore, the machine cannot be parked for a long time. After this, our excavator ripper arm manufacturer will teach you how to maintain it. In fact, the maintenance is not as complicated as we imagined. Just pay attention to the following points and there is no problem.


excavator ripper arm manufacturer


The excavator ripper arm manufacturer has already said that oil is an important lubricant inside the excavator, so we should pay more attention to the pressure of the oil in normal times. The oil must not be less. If it is less, the degree of lubrication is not enough. For the internal parts There will be a lot of damage, or even damage the engine. As long as we pay attention to it, the inside of the engine can be protected to a large extent. Not only can it keep the excavator in sufficient working condition, but also make your excavator To greatly reduce the failure rate, we must learn to "raise" the excavator well so that it can serve us better.

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