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Excavator rock boom manufacturers explain the importance of winter maintenance

November 5, 2021

Latest company news about Excavator rock boom manufacturers explain the importance of winter maintenance

Now the winter has passed, but have you taken care of our excavators in winter? Many consumers believe that the temperature in winter is not high, so the water temperature of the excavator engine is not high, and they think that long-term work does not require maintenance. In fact, this is not the case. Excavator rock boom manufacturers believe that maintenance in winter is more important. Although the temperature in winter is generally not high, many internal parts are also very bad to operate at low temperatures all the year round. If load operations are put into operation at low temperatures, more attention should be paid to this situation, because iron babies should also pay attention to "keep warm".


excavator rock boom manufacturers


Whether it is winter construction or shutdown for winter repairs, you must pay attention to the insulation of the key components of the equipment. The excavator rock boom manufacturers reminds you that after the winter construction is completed, you should cover the engine with an insulation curtain, an insulation sleeve, and use a plate in front of the radiator if necessary. The curtain blocks the wind, and the engine is equipped with an oil radiator. You should turn the switch to the low temperature gear in winter to prevent the oil from flowing through the oil radiator. If the excavator is stopped, consumers with conditions should try their best to park in garages and other indoor spaces. In the field, the oil is only added and not changed. Many diggers will pay attention to checking the amount of lubricating oil and add it according to the standard. As a result, the moving parts of some engines always run in a poor lubrication environment, thus accelerating the wear of the parts. .


excavator rock boom manufacturers


The messy use of butter. Butter is a commonly used grease in the repair of construction machinery. It can play a role of lubrication and sealing. Therefore, some repairers apply a layer of butter on the cylinder head gasket when installing the cylinder head gasket. They think that this can increase the diesel engine's performance. The airtightness is actually not very good. Because the engine is too lubricated, it will cause jitter, so you must follow the procedures in the maintenance manual. In fact, the excavator rock boom manufacturers think that the maintenance in winter is more important. What do you think?

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