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Excavator wood grapple daily maintenance and maintenance skills

January 26, 2022

Latest company news about Excavator wood grapple daily maintenance and maintenance skills

With the development of the construction industry, the types of construction machinery and equipment that match it are gradually increasing, which plays a very important role in improving the construction efficiency of construction projects. The excavator wood grapple is one of the excavator working device accessories independently designed, developed and manufactured specifically for the specific work requirements of the excavator. It is generally used for the handling of scrap metal, the loading and unloading and transportation of stones, scrap steel, wood, etc. As a mechanical equipment, it will inevitably fail in long-term use, which requires us to maintain and repair in time.

So, from which aspects should the maintenance of the excavator wood grapple be carried out?


excavator wood grapple


(1) Please check the whole log grabber after 500 hours of work.

(2) Torque of screws

(3) Nut

After every 4 hours of use, please make sure that each part does not slack again. Regular inspection is an important measure to ensure the best performance.

(4) For the motor, pinion and slewing ring, pay attention to whether there is jamming or abnormal noise when working. If it is recommended to stop it in time, check whether the pinion at the front of the motor is broken, or whether the bearing of the fixed pinion is intact, it is recommended Replace and maintain in time!

(5) Lubrication

The oil cups of all rotating shafts of the excavator wood grapple must be lubricated with butter to prevent damage to the rotating shaft.


excavator wood grapple



1) Improper maintenance may seriously damage the equipment. Therefore, repairs and maintenance should be carried out by professionals authorized by the company.

2) Please read the manual carefully and follow the instructions for maintenance, repair or cleaning.

3) Maintenance, repair or cleaning should be carried out on a solid ground with few people, away from other workers.

4) Do not modify or disassemble the equipment at will, otherwise the structure configuration or performance will be affected. Use original accessories.


1. Daily checkpoint

(1) Whether the body is damaged or deformed.

(2) Whether the hose interface is leaking.

(3) Damage to the pin and bushing and its replacement cycle.

(4) Check the tightening and loosening of bolts and nuts.

(5) Check the oil cup of the shaft lubricating oil.

(6) Check the gears for looseness, and tighten the bolts for looseness.


2. Routine checkpoints

(1) The seals and rotating parts of the hydraulic cylinder will wear out and should be replaced in time after reaching the service life. Replace parts with original parts.

(2) Check the rotation axis. The rotation axis can rotate 360 degrees without limitation, which is convenient for jingling from any angle. Check if there is enough lubricating oil on the rotating shaft and the bolts are fastened enough.

(3) Check the tightening state of the bolts, install new bolts, check after 8 hours of use, and make sure that the tightened bolts are not loose. Damaged bolts should be replaced in time. The bolts should be replaced after about 1500 hours or 12 months of use after installation.


excavator wood grapple


3. Regular inspection

In order to ensure the smooth operation and smooth operation of the equipment, regular inspections are essential.

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