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How do excavator long fronts boom manufacturers control the welding level

December 15, 2021

Latest company news about How do excavator long fronts boom manufacturers control the welding level

Due to the complex urban environment, imperfect drainage system, and the aging of the original drainage system, urban waterlogging often occurs during the rainy season. Urban waterlogging causes shops and vehicles to be flooded, affecting people’s normal life. Therefore, relevant departments attach great importance to this and carry out measures. The transformation and improvement of the drainage system is to meet the needs of construction, so the extension arm of the excavator is generally used to clean up the waterlogging. Since the waterlogging contains a lot of garbage and is assisted by sewage, does it have any impact on our extension arms? Excavator long fronts boom manufacturers say this.


excavator long fronts boom manufacturers


After all, if the boom is lengthened, the original hardness will definitely decrease, so our excavator long fronts boom manufacturers have long been aware of this. Generally, the welding process is very good, and the thickness of the steel plate used for welding is mostly between 4 and 100 mm. , The thickness of the plate has a large span, and the corresponding welding process parameters vary widely. It is easy to cause the welding heat in and out and the welding temperature field to be uneven. If the welding process is not properly controlled, it will produce large welding deformation, which will seriously affect the extension of the excavator. Based on the processing quality of the arm and the assembly performance of the whole machine, reasonable selection of welding method and process parameters, balanced arrangement of welds around the central axis, reasonable selection of welding sequence, use of segmented reverse welding and intermittent welding, preset Anti-deformation, rigid fixation, etc.


excavator long fronts boom manufacturers


Therefore, the excavator long fronts boom manufacturers should pay more attention to some details when welding, and choose a reasonable treatment method according to the actual situation, so as to achieve the best results. The excavator should also pay attention to the operating specifications during the use of the excavator. The parts are lubricated to prevent equipment failure and affect the construction progress.

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