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How is the excavator long front boom manufactured?

May 23, 2023

Latest company news about How is the excavator long front boom manufactured?

Excavator long front boom have been widely used in large-scale civil engineering and construction projects in recent years, because of their high-efficiency performance, they are widely loved by users, and they have given great help in engineering operations, saving A lot of construction time has reduced the difficulty of construction.


But most users only know how to use it, but few people know how the excavator long front boom is made, and many people are curious about how such a big thing is produced. Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the production process of the excavator’s extended arm.

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Production of excavator long front boom:

  1. In the beginning, according to the needs of users, engineering designers will use SOLOD WORKS, Creo Parametric, CAD and other 3D auxiliary design software and systems to make product design, conduct stress analysis and simulate actions. Draw detailed engineering drawings and submit them to the workshop.


  1. The production workshop uses CNC cutting to cut materials according to engineering drawings, and then uses bending machines to bend and shape. After cutting all the processed and manufactured materials, hand them over to professional technicians for welding operations.


  1. After a long period of welding by professional welding technicians, the semi-finished main body of the excavator’s extended arm is completed, and the boring operation will be carried out after passing the quality inspection.


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  1. After the boring operation, install the base of the excavator longreachboom and the pipeline, and carry out pickling and phosphating treatment on the hydraulic pipeline to clean the pipeline to ensure the pipeline is clean. At this point, the semi-finished product of the extended arm has also been completed.


  1. Conduct stress resistance test on the semi-finished product of the excavator long reach boom. After the test is passed, the product is shot blasted, and the rough surface of the product is polished with high gloss.


  1. The excavator long front boom after shot blasting will enter the spraying workshop for high temperature spraying, anti-oxidation and appearance spraying and painting of the product.


  1. Carry out the final pre-exit inspection on the excavator long boomthat has been sprayed and painted.


  1. Finally, the qualified long front boom is delivered from the factory.


After a series of complicated procedures above, the manufacture of the entire excavator long front boom is completed. In order to ensure the safety performance of the products, there will be professional quality inspectors to conduct sampling inspections and checks on the product quality to ensure the reliability and safety of the product quality.

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