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How to build a more efficient and durable custom-made excavator buckets?

March 24, 2022

Latest company news about How to build a more efficient and durable custom-made excavator buckets?

For the bucket, the most important thing is that it is durable and has a long service life, so that it can exert the greatest digging force and create greater value, but how to build a more efficient and durable custom-made excavator buckets is also a problem. There are many people, and today Huitong Machinery will give you a brief analysis.


custom-made excavator buckets


1.To build an efficient and durable excavator bucket tooth root mounting plate must be strengthened. If there is no reinforcement here, it will cause violent wear of the excavator bucket and cause the teeth to fail to fit. There are two ways to strengthen, one is to attach reinforcing ribs, and you can also choose to pack wear-resistant blocks for reinforcement.


2.The long-term wear of the side plate of the excavator bucket will reduce the capacity and reduce the efficiency of the excavation work. Therefore, it is necessary to install a side knife in the excavator bucket, which can protect the side plate and facilitate the cutting of materials. But the side does not need to be firm, because it is not a high wear area, if it is reinforced, it will increase the weight of the excavator bucket.


custom-made excavator buckets


3.The bottom plate of the excavator bucket should also be reinforced. The newly purchased machine will reinforce the bottom plate after the paint on the bottom plate is worn off, so that the welding effect is better. The reinforcement of the bottom plate requires the choice of hard, wear-resistant plates as raw materials, so as to protect the shape of the excavator bucket. The welding position should be appropriate not to affect the cutting position, so the reinforcing ribs should be welded to the direction of the original machine rib plate.


4.The inside of the excavator bucket can also be strengthened, and hard-surface surfacing should be selected. Although this method is more expensive, it takes a long time to use and has more outstanding wear resistance. It is recommended that you find a professional welding master when strengthening the excavator bucket, so that we can create a more solid and durable custom-made excavator buckets.

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