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How to choose the right sany excavator bucket?

April 23, 2022

Latest company news about How to choose the right sany excavator bucket?

Many operators don't know how to choose a suitable sany excavator bucket. Don't worry. Next, Huitong, as a bucket manufacturer, will give you an introduction.


01. Standard Bucket

The sludge solution work of the river lift and the sewage ditch and the refurbishment of the plane design drawing, the general clay excavation and the sand, soil, gravel loading and other light working environments, the work efficiency is high, and the standard excavator bucket can be selected.


sany excavator bucket


02. Thickened Bucket

Excavating hard soil, soil stained with softer rocks, and tuff rock loading. Construction site damage is relatively strong, so you must choose an excavator to thicken the sany excavator bucket.


sany excavator bucket


03. Rock Bucket

Excavation of gravel, gravel, soil with harder rocks, sub-hard rocks, weathered rocks and other load-carrying construction projects. The natural environment must choose high-quality slabs, pit wear, and tensile strength. Capable rock-type sany excavator bucket.


sany excavator bucket


04. Mine Bucket

Hard rock, loading of iron ore after engineering blasting and other heavy operations. The natural environment of the construction project is obvious. If the requirements for the bucket are higher, it is necessary to choose a reinforced reinforcement plate at the bottom, which has strong wear resistance. Mine-type bucket with strong pit defense capability.

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