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How to drive the excavator rock booms correctly in rainy days

October 29, 2021

Latest company news about How to drive the excavator rock booms correctly in rainy days

Now in May, strong high temperatures and heavy rainfall are greeted in many parts of the world. However, for many construction parties with tight schedules, it is not possible to work during heavy rain, but in order to catch up with the construction period, light rain can also work, but in rainy days Unlike sunny days, our drivers must be more careful on rainy days! Especially for those driving excavator rock booms, when digging a mountain, the soil is not only soft but also slippery with the invasion of light rain. Even this type of crawler excavator must also be careful.


excavator rock booms


The road surface will not only increase the softness of the silt, but also change the landform to a certain extent. At this time, when the road is moving, the amphibious excavator may fall into the silt, so be careful. Before driving, we must check whether the wiper is normal to ensure that the wiper can be used normally, because if it rains heavily, it can easily wipe off the rain without obstructing the driver’s sight, and it must be pulled around the construction area. Go to the cordon just in case to prevent unnecessary injuries caused by accidental intrusion, and also to work with a small throttle to slow down the speed of work. In fact, driving a excavator rock booms in rainy weather is very particular.


excavator rock booms


In addition to these safety measures, the inspection of the excavator rock booms is also very important. The wiper is checked above. In fact, the engine of the excavator rock booms is also to be inspected, because the rock arm engine is different from other parts and is very afraid of water. So we must check it when we work in rainy days, and don’t get water. After all, the excavator rock booms engine is the core of the whole excavator, and the maintenance cost is very expensive, so we must be waterproof when we work in rainy days. ready.

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