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How to install the excavator long boom yourself

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How to install the excavator long boom yourself
How to install the excavator long boom yourself

Since the excavator long boom product emerged in the market, many people have been very optimistic about it, and they have all started to verify its usefulness. Products like the lengthened arms of excavators are relatively large and have different requirements for different models. Therefore, the general manufacturers mainly sell them on order. Everyone should be familiar with the word custom. Even if we are not engaged in the construction machinery industry, we will come into contact with custom-made products in our lives, such as our cups, clothes, tables, etc. However, custom-made construction machinery parts are different from the usual custom-made products. After the order is made, we have to install it ourselves. Then, after the excavator long boom is customized, how do we install it ourselves?


excavator long boom


Here are the steps to install the excavator long boom after the excavator long boom is customized. First retract the big and small arms and remove the bucket, bucket cylinder and connecting rod assembly at the front end of the forearm of the excavator; then drive out the rod head pin of the stick cylinder; after retracting the stick cylinder, fix it with a wire to prevent the cylinder rod from slipping out. , So as not to bump; drive out the stick cylinder tail pin; use a crane to take out the stick cylinder; correctly install the excavator long boom, drive out the boom fork pin and take out the standard forearm; drive out the boom cylinder rod head pin (big arm Middle pin), punch out the boom seat pin, and take out the standard boom. Then use a crane to align the extended boom with the boom seat, install the boom seat pin, and then install the boom cylinder rod head pin into the middle hole of the boom. Then align the stick cylinder with a crane, and install the stick cylinder tail pin and the stick cylinder rod head pin. Follow-up is the same as installing the stick cylinder, install the bucket cylinder, and then install the connecting rod assembly and bucket.


excavator long boom


As long as it involves the installation of construction machinery accessories, we can't be careless. Because these types of products are relatively large, once they are installed incorrectly, it will cause us great trouble. For this reason, some people hire professional people to help with the installation after the excavator long boom is customized. Of course, if the cost budget is sufficient, such an approach cannot be denied. But if the cost budget is not enough, you can install it yourself after you understand the installation steps.

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