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How to maintain your excavator rock booms to keep it working

November 1, 2021

Latest company news about How to maintain your excavator rock booms to keep it working

Many people in the industry know that excavator rock booms are very common in the current excavator transformation, and can the modified excavator extend its service life? In fact, this is not necessarily true. Because the three-point machine, seven-point maintenance, and maintenance account for most of the factors, so the builders who do not maintain the excavator rock booms will not have a long service life. If the rock arm is made on weekdays Maintenance work can make it have a long service life, can serve the owner for a long time, and serve the construction machinery, which can generate higher value. Today, Huitong Heavy Industry will have an in-depth understanding of how to operate and maintain.


excavator rock booms


Many masters who drive excavators know that this is a tool for making money and raising a family. Many times it is inevitable that they will encounter difficult working conditions, and they may work in rainy days or may be exposed to high temperatures. It is really hard. If your excavator rock booms is operating in a harsh environment for a long time, you should listen carefully here, because maintaining the excavator rock arm can not only reduce failures, but also extend the service life, and even keep the machine high all year round. State work greatly improves work efficiency.


excavator rock booms


Butter is a common sense, you must remember to clean the excavator rock booms and add butter, because rust can be avoided after cleaning, because this corrosion will not only affect the normal operation of the mechanical exterior equipment, but also corrode the internal parts, so the cleaning can be done. To avoid secondary damage to the excavator, if you can use the excavator rock booms well as required, you can avoid serious failure problems, so why not be better with "it".

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