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How to remove rust from your excavator ripper arms

August 23, 2021

Latest company news about How to remove rust from your excavator ripper arms

As construction machinery, excavator ripper arms are widely used in engineering construction and coal mines under various working conditions, and the surface is inevitably rusty when exposed to wind and sun. Perhaps everyone knows that iron will undergo oxidation reaction when it comes in contact with air. As a result, the paint on the surface will fall off, and the iron sheet will leak out and the probability of oxidation will be higher. It will accelerate the oxidation rate in rainy days, which is what we call "rust", then how should we remove the rust What?


excavator ripper arms


Rust prevention of excavator ripper arms is a very important maintenance work. It can effectively prevent the rock arm parts from rusting and keep the machine working in good condition. In fact, there are many ways to remove rust. Today we will list one or two. The new excavator ripper arms is usually attached with a layer of paint to protect the iron from oxidation, so it is inevitable that the paint on the surface will fall off if it is bumped during work. If the paint falls off, it is easy to do, we can choose to repair The surface or repainting is enough. For damaged metal structures, a better way is to clean the damaged parts and then apply an anti-rust coating. During the anti-rust operation of excavator ripper arms parts, it is necessary to deal with frequently used parts. This is A crucial step.


excavator ripper arms

Lubricants and brushes should be selected according to the specified method. In fact, rust removal is as simple as it is not as complicated as we imagined. Regarding lubricating oil, lithium-based grease is also a good choice, which can not only make excavation Keeping all aspects of the excavator ripper arms accessories in good condition can also better maintain our love machine.

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