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How to use excavator hydraulic breaker hammer to protect hydraulic pump

October 21, 2021

Latest company news about How to use excavator hydraulic breaker hammer to protect hydraulic pump

The excavator hydraulic breaker hammer used to be an important work tool for hydraulic excavators. It can more effectively clear floating stones and soil in cracks between rocks in the role of excavating the foundations of buildings. The breaking hammer is a fast reciprocating impact movement, the oil return speed is fast and the relative pulse is relatively large, and the speed of the hydraulic oil aging is accelerated. The following is an introduction for everyone on how to use a large excavator hydraulic breaker hammer to maintain the hydraulic pump.


excavator hydraulic breaker hammer


We must use good large-scale excavator hydraulic breaker hammer. Inferior breakers are prone to digging problems due to design, manufacturing, inspection and other links. The high fault rate during use is more likely to cause excavator damage. Suitable speed of the excavator, the breaker has low requirements for working pressure and flow, and can work at medium throttle; if the high throttle is working, it will not only increase the strength of the blow, but will also cause abnormal heating of the hydraulic oil, which will also cause greater damage to the hydraulic system. .

The correct attitude, frequency and quantity of butter beating must be filled with smooth grease under the state of steel brazing and straightening. Fill it every 2 hours. If the lubricating grease is added in the suspended state of the steel drill, the grease will enter the striking chamber, and abnormal high pressure oil will be generated in the striking chamber during the striking, which will enter the hydraulic system and damage the hydraulic pump. Regarding the breaker, we must change the oil seal in time. The oil seal is a vulnerable part. It is recommended that the breaker work for about 600-800 hours, and the breaker oil seal should be changed once; when the oil seal leaks, the work should be stopped immediately and the oil seal is changed. Otherwise, the side dust is easy to enter the hydraulic pressure. System, damage the hydraulic system, damage the hydraulic pump;


excavator hydraulic breaker hammer


Since hydraulic oil pollution is one of the main causes of hydraulic pump failures, the contamination of hydraulic oil should be confirmed in time. Ordinary 600 hours to change the hydraulic oil, 100 hours to change the core. Shortage of hydraulic oil will cause cavitation to cause hydraulic pump failure, excavator hydraulic breaker hammer piston cylinder strain, etc.; therefore, we check the oil level before using it every day. Adhere to the cleanliness of the pipeline, thoroughly clean the broken hammer pipeline when installing, and cyclically connect the inlet and return oil pipelines; when changing the bucket, block the broken hammer pipeline and keep the pipeline clean; sand and other debris enter the hydraulic system It is easy to damage the hydraulic pump afterwards. The breaker used for demolition is more frequent than the breaker used in the mine. The main pump is damaged more frequently. Because dust can easily enter the breaker cylinder along the steel drill, it will cause the pollution and rapid aging of the hydraulic oil. It is recommended to use the oil return route. Install the return oil filter element.


excavator hydraulic breaker hammer


Before the excavator hydraulic breaker hammer is used, the hydraulic system should stop preheating. Since the upper hydraulic oil will flow to the lower part when the breaker is parked, it is recommended to stop the operation with a small throttle every day at the beginning of use, and wait for the oil film of the breaker piston cylinder. After the configuration, use the middle throttle to stop the operation to maintain the hydraulic system of the excavator. When storing the excavator hydraulic breaker hammer for a long time, the steel drill should be removed first, and the nitrogen in the upper cylinder should be released to push the piston to the end to prevent the piston from showing partial rust or fraying to damage the main pump. Drying will not only cause an increase in oil temperature, but also produce abnormal vibrations and cause impurities to enter the rigid body of the excavator hydraulic breaker hammer, so it is strictly forbidden to run dry.

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