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Hydraulic hammer breaker misunderstandings about the operation(1)

March 30, 2023

Latest company news about Hydraulic hammer breaker misunderstandings about the operation(1)

Due to the reciprocating and rapid impact movement of the hydraulic hammer breaker, any movable connection parts are easily damaged, and the oil return speed is relatively fast and the relatively large pulse, resulting in accelerated aging of the hydraulic oil. However, as long as it is used correctly and operated in a standardized manner, and common operating misunderstandings are avoided, some failures can be avoided and the service life of the hydraulic hammer breaker can be effectively extended.


Avoid operating mistakes:


  1. First of all, carefully read the maintenance manual of the hydraulic hammer breaker, which contains the correct operation and maintenance methods of the breaker, so as to prevent damage to the hydraulic breaker and the excavator, and help to operate them effectively.


  1. Before operation, check whether the bolts and joints are loose, and whether there is any leakage in the hydraulic pipeline, so as to avoid the failure of the oil pipe due to vibration.


  1. Do not peck holes in hard rocks with hydraulic hammer breaker. When breaking a particularly hard object, start from the edge first, and do not beat continuously on the same point for more than 1 minute, so as to prevent the drill rod from being burned or the hydraulic oil from overheating.


  1. Do not operate when the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is fully extended or fully retracted, otherwise the shock and vibration will be transmitted to the hydraulic cylinder body and then to the main engine.


  1. When the hydraulic hose vibrates violently, stop the operation of the hydraulic hammer breaker and check the pressure of the accumulator.


latest company news about Hydraulic hammer breaker misunderstandings about the operation(1)  1


  1. Prevent interference between the boom of the excavator and the drill bit of the breaker.


  1. Do not carry out crushing operations in water or muddy ground. Except for the chisel, other parts of the breaker body should not be immersed in water or mud, otherwise the piston and other parts with similar functions on it will be damaged due to the accumulation of mud. Cause premature wear and tear of the breaker.


  1. Do not use the breaker as a lifting device.


  1. Do not operate the hydraulic hammer breaker on the tire side of the excavator.


  1. When the hydraulic breaker is installed and connected with the backhoe loader or other engineering construction machinery, the working pressure and flow of the hydraulic system of the main engine must meet the technical parameters of the hydraulic breaker. The “P” port of the hydraulic breaker is connected with the high-pressure oil circuit of the main engine Connection, “0” port is connected with the oil return circuit of the main engine.
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