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Installation and use instructions for excavator log grapple

January 10, 2022

Latest company news about Installation and use instructions for excavator log grapple

The excavator log grapple is mainly used to load, unload and transport excavator parts such as stones, wood, scrap iron and steel. The correct installation of equipment can ensure the normal use in the later period. The following is the installation and use instructions of the excavator log grapple introduced by the editor, I hope the following content can be helpful to everyone.


excavator log grapple


1. Please correctly select the wood grab and iron grab that match your car model and job needs to avoid improper selection that affects the power.

2. Before installing the log grabber, please acknowledge whether the various scales match the scale of your excavator, and then you can connect the excavator log grapple with the excavator.

3. When installing the hydraulic pipeline of the excavator log grapple, start to fix the front end of the forearm of the pipe route used by the log grabber. After leaving a margin for movement, bind it firmly with the forearm and forearm of the excavator. Then choose a reasonable orientation of the double valve to connect with the excavator, and fasten the wood grabber pipeline to it, and the oil in and out is led out from the spare valve of the excavator to fasten it.

4. When installing the pilot circuit of the wood grabber, first choose a reasonable position to fix the foot valve in the cab; then connect the inlet and outlet oil of the foot valve with the pilot oil. There are two oil ports beside the foot valve, the upper is the return The oil intake is under the oil, and the signal oil control requires three shuttle valves to control the standby valve together.


excavator log grapple


5. After the wood grabber is installed, please check the joints of the pipelines. If there is no loose or faulty link, you can start the test.

6. After starting the car, listen to whether the engine is abnormal. If there is black smoke or holding the car, please check whether the oil circuit is connected incorrectly.

7. When the excavator log grapple is in use, the reversing assembly should be filled with lubricating grease at the beginning of use, and then refilled once every shift to extend the service life of the reversing assembly. The product is strictly prohibited from overloading and strong impact.


The above is the instructions on the installation of the wood grabber. Thank you for reading. If you happen to have a need for the excavator log grapple, please contact us.

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