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Is the hammer rock breaker drill rod leaking oil? Don't worry!

December 24, 2021

Latest company news about Is the hammer rock breaker drill rod leaking oil? Don't worry!

Be cautious when using hammer rock breaker. If you accidentally fail to find it! This is a golden rule that many old drivers advise machine owners not to use breakers. In fact, this is not surprising. After all, machines that have used hammers will have a certain degree of decline in both the failure rate and the preservation rate.

Recently, an owner of an aircraft encountered a troublesome incident. He wanted to buy an excavator. After he was hit with a hammer rock breaker, he wanted to make a fortune, but he died before he was ready, and the machine leaked oil! Let's take a look at what is going on.


hammer rock breaker


Trouble phenomenon:

During work, it was discovered that the hammer rock breaker had hydraulic oil leaking from the drill rod. The owner tried to solve the problem by replacing the oil seal. What is strange is that it took less than a year for the breaker of this machine to be bought, and it has been hammered. The time is not frequent, why does the hydraulic oil leak?


Failure analysis:

After disassembling the hammer rock breaker, the repairer found that there were spots on the piston, and it was obvious that rust had appeared, which was also the direct cause of the oil leak. After careful inquiry, I learned that the original owner did not release the nitrogen in it in time after hitting the breaker because he did not perform construction during the epidemic.

In fact, this small detail was ignored, which directly caused the piston to rust due to nitrogen, which caused oil leakage. In addition, if the excavator's breaker was parked in a place with water after the completion of the work, it would also cause the breaker piston Rust phenomenon.


hammer rock breaker


Precautions for using breaker

The use of hammer rock breaker is recognized to make money, but it will double the damage to the machine. In order to ensure the life of the machine and the construction status, Huitong has summarized a few daily construction precautions, and hopes to bring you reference.


First: install oil return filter

If the machine is engaged in hammering work for a long time, then be sure not to be stingy. Install a small oil return filter element in the pipeline. On the one hand, it can filter the oil returned to the hydraulic pump once, and on the other hand, it can effectively remove the oil. Impurities in. Of course, it is not enough to install the filter element, and the return oil filter element and oil products should be replaced regularly according to the number of hours.


Second: Big throttle backfires

Many operators may have a misunderstanding, thinking that a large throttle will be beneficial and harmless to the use of the hammer rock breaker, with greater work force and faster efficiency! In fact, the requirements for the working flow and pressure of the breaker are not so high, basically the excavator is medium Throttle, normal working speed 1700-1800 rpm is enough.


Third: Replace the sealing ring

Not only must the quality of the seals of the excavator be guaranteed, they must also be replaced according to the maintenance time, and the replacement time of the seal ring of the breaker should be appropriately shortened. It is recommended that you replace it within 5-6 hundred hours. When replacing the oil seal, it must be ensured that the breaker has stopped working and cooled down.


hammer rock breaker



Don't use the hammer rock breaker to make a lot of money. Do not ignore the details of daily operation and maintenance! For the maintenance of the breaker, you can tell us by email if you have any coups!

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