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It turns out that there are so many skills to drive a ripper boom

April 1, 2022

Latest company news about It turns out that there are so many skills to drive a ripper boom

People should keep learning throughout their lives. Only by learning can you make progress. This is also true for partners in the machinery industry. As far as driving ripper boom is concerned, the operation of a master and a novice is quite different, because many masters have already I have mastered a lot of skills for driving rock arms. If you are a novice, then listen to it today. I didn't expect that there are so many skills for rock arms!


ripper boom


Because nowadays, in addition to earthwork on construction sites, excavators are also needed for mountain activities such as digging tunnels and opening canals. Every place needs to dig tunnels, open canals, etc., so more and more ripper boom are involved, so how should we drive correctly in these working conditions? After all, these are different from ordinary working conditions, steep mountains, slippery rocks, and even the danger of falling rocks. Therefore, when driving the ripper boom, we must watch eight roads, listen to all directions, and be optimistic about the conditions on the road. Go forward slowly.


ripper boom


When working, we must maintain a safe distance to prevent falling rocks, and even install some guards for the cab, because the power of our rock arms can easily break the rocks, so the fallen rocks can easily bounce to the driving position, so Our work must be done carefully. In addition to these, we also need to maintain and maintain the ripper boom frequently, because we are working on the front line, and in the face of such difficult working conditions, we cannot be careful, we must ensure that we excavate. The robotic rock arm is in good working condition. Have you remembered the above techniques?

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